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Coccyx Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs and Causes

Coccyx Pain Spiritual Meaning

The coccyx or tailbone, as you might know it, is an area of the body that is known to exhibit pain from time to time. 

But, do you know that that pain can often be a sign of communication from the universe?

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about coccyx pain and break down all the possible interpretations of it. 

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

What Does The Coccyx Represent Spiritually?

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The coccyx is a very important bone in the human body as it serves as an insertion point for multiple muscles and tendons that provide support in a seated position

Spiritually, the coccyx represents the hub of emotions. Many believe it to be a place where all the emotions like:

  • Grief;
  • Guilt;
  • Rage;
  • Frustration;
  • Happiness;
  • Joy.

It is very important to keep emotions neutralized and healthy if you want longevity and sturdiness in the coccyx bone.

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Can Coccyx Pain Be Linked With Spirituality?

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When a negative event in your life shakes up your emotions and causes distress in the heart, pain in the coccyx is likely to be triggered. 

Think of it as a sign from the body that your emotional health has taken a blow and isn’t in the right place to function effectively or make accurate decisions. 

Additionally, coccyx pain can divert your attention and focus from spirituality, therefore, weakening your connection with the universe and your own self.

The pain could be a test from the universe to determine whether you’ll uphold your faith in spirituality while bearing hardship on your body.

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What Is The Religious Significance Of The Coccyx Bone?

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The coccyx bone holds significance in multiple widespread religions around the world. 

In Islam, it is believed that all bones in the human body decompose and rot away except the coccyx as it will be the only bone that resurrects the dead in the afterlife.  

A similar concept is shared in Christianity where a bone named Luz is believed to start the process of resurrection of the dead on the day of judgment.

Because Luz in Hebrew means “nut”, the coccyx is said to be that bone since its shape noticeably resembles that of a nut. 

7 Possible Spiritual Meanings Of Coccyx Pain

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1) An Omen Of Heartbreak

Pain in the coccyx bone is believed to be an omen of a forthcoming heartbreak

It signifies that a particular event in the future will leave you and your emotions completely devastated.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic heartbreak of any sort and the chances of someone from your family or workplace breaking your heart are equally as high. 

Whoever the culprit may be, the pain is your warning to be prepared to face the inevitable and put your heart in healing mode beforehand. 

2) Disturbance In Sex Life

Since the coccyx supports certain important muscles of the pelvic floor, any sort of pain or discomfort in the area may potentially hint at problems in your sex life. (Especially if you’re a male)

You may be experiencing performance issues lately, loss of desire, anxiety, or difficulty communicating with your partner about something that has been bothering your intimacy lately. 

The coccyx pain is a sign that your body hasn’t been able to fulfill its sexual needs and is greatly disturbed because of it. 

3) Unmet Emotional Needs

Although unmet emotional needs commonly stem from childhood neglect and abandonment, the pain of it can cling onto your system for a VERY long time. 

If you have coccyx pain, it can hint at possible unmet emotional needs and neglect that you may be dealing with internally.

Such trauma may have led you to become cold, emotionally unavailable, and doubtful in trusting people around you. 

In this case, you can take the coccyx pain as a sign to not be too harsh on yourself and address emotions that have been pent up inside your heart over time. 

4) An Emotional Warning

Oftentimes, coccyx pain can be a warning from your emotional control center to NOT indulge in emotional attachments and conflicts as there’s already enough emotional damage being processed there. 

If you don’t take this warning seriously and do happen to invite further emotional baggage of new relationships, chances are that your emotional functionality will go down drastically and might even put you in a tight spot in life. 

5) Neglecting God

Because the coccyx has quite a religious significance, localized pain in the area may indicate a separation and distancing from God

It means that worldly matters and temporary comfort got to your head and snatched you away from your creator

Now although your departure may not be deliberate, God would still be displeased that his servant went off track despite knowing his duty towards Him. 

If this happens to be your case, learn to balance spiritual duties and worldly affairs in a way that allows you to sustain life in this world as well as in the hereafter. 

6) Feeling Underonfident

Sometimes pain can make you feel self-conscious and greatly underconfident especially if it’s in a very particular area of the body like the coccyx.

Being constantly doubtful about yourself and underestimating your individual capabilities can prevent you from taking risks in life, discovering your true potential, or communicating with people you need to. 

Think of the pain as a sign from the universe to look deep within yourself and allow confidence to bloom out of your inherent talents, skills, and things you’re genuinely good at. 

7) Inability To Support Yourself

The coccyx provides support to the body to hold it upright. Therefore, any pain in this area may be linked with the inability to support yourself

Past events in your life may have left you too emotionally scarred which could be causing you to neglect yourself and your basic needs.

Your health, spirituality, social and professional life could all be going down because of this

Pain in the coccyx also suggests that you’re not emotionally equipped at the moment to make any decisions or partake in anything particularly serious.

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Should You Take Coccyx Pain Seriously?

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I’ve mentioned this quite often in my articles but you definitely should be taking all pains in your body seriously, no matter where they’re localized. 

Although the universe may use pains in different areas of the body as mediums for different messages, it still does not mitigate the fact that the universe is trying to communicate with you about something very important

Coccyx pain, for example, signifies that there’s something wrong inside you emotionally.

Either one particular emotion has been overpowering others for a very long time or your heart is just reacting to past traumatic events now.

Either way, your emotional health is likely going downhill and you definitely SHOULD be concerned about it!

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: Although coccyx pain may appear to be something minor, simply brushing it off might do more harm than good

In many cases, it’s a sign from the universe to gather up the spirit to repair something broken inside yourself.

This might be a broken emotional vault, spiritual vulnerabilities, or any kind of internal faults within you that need work.

All in all, it’s important to keep faith in spirituality and mend emotional disabilities that could be messing with your life in the real world.

The more effectively you resolve yourself from the inside, the more improved your coccyx pain will be.


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