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Muscle Spasms Spiritual Meaning: 7 Secret Meanings 

Muscle Spasms Spiritual Meanings: 7 Secret Meanings 

Join me as I unlock the secrets of muscle spasms spiritual meanings, and what you should do next. 

Muscle spasms can have several causes on a physiological level, such as dehydration, muscle fatigue, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, nerve irritation, poor circulation, and certain medications… Just to name a few.

But what happens when your muscle spasms aren’t connected to any of those medical conditions? Or you continue to get spasms even after treatment? 

Those muscle spasms might have a message or meaning attached.

Muscle Spasms Spiritual Meaning

Muscle Spasms Spiritual Meaning

A great number of things will need to be considered in order to find out the spiritual meaning or message attaching with muscle spasms.

The location or position is super important as messages attached to muscle twitches or spasms on one side of the body don’t always transfer over to the other side. So, whether the spasm is on the right or left of the body is important. 

Other vital factors include:

  • Your thoughts or emotions;
  • Life situation(s);
  • Medical causes;
  • People.

Left Body Muscle Spasms Meaning:

If you identify as male and have left body muscle spasms, the meaning or message usually has negative connotations.

It can indicate a loss of some sort, such as death, a job, money, home, car, etc

For women, left body muscle spasms are a good thing! It’s a sign that there’s some good or joyful news heading your way – such as a new job offer, a new home, a long-awaited pregnancy, etc

Right Body Muscle Spasms Meaning:

Right body muscle spasms in men indicates:

  • Good news;
  • Bringing happiness;
  • Wealth;
  • New opportunities;
  • New love interests;
  • And similar good things.

It all depends on what is ‘good’ for you and what you’ve been hoping for/waiting for

For women, however, right-side twitching is a sign of bad news to come – and that you should start protecting yourself using whatever protection rituals you prefer.

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What Do Muscle Spasms Indicate Spiritually? 

Woman with muscle spasms

Although there isn’t a definitive, exact spiritual meaning behind muscle spasms, they do all tend to follow the same kind of pattern or theme – things are out of balance, blocked, tense, or otherwise disrupted

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Do Muscle Spasms Mean You Are Healing Spiritually?

Spiritual healing

In both a physical and spiritual sense, muscle spasms, twitches, or other uncontrollable movements are both signs that something is wrong and right.

These symptoms are related to serious medical conditions that require treatment, but they’re also related to high energy movement, which is a sign that your spiritual practices are working.

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Muscle Spasms Spiritual Meaning: 7 Secret Signs

Muscle Spasms Spiritual Meaning

Are you experiencing muscle spasms? Let’s take a look at the top 7 secret muscle spasms spiritual meanings, and what you can do about them. 

1) A Sign of Something Wrong

For some people, muscle spasms that appear out of nowhere are a call from the Universe or angels that it’s time to start taking care of themselves.

In a biological sense, muscle spasms are usually a result of mineral deficiencies, such as magnesium and potassium.

They can also arise due to stress, dehydration, or even excessive muscle use (exercising). 

There has been too much or too little of something – and that’s the meaning in a spiritual sense, too. You’re neglecting one area of your health or life, and you’re going to start suffering if you don’t resolve it soon. 

2) Unresolved Emotions or Conflict

Conflict arises every day, often as a result of absolutely nothing at all.

For you, however, it seems that the unresolved status of one or more conflicts are going to keep coming back to haunt you until you eventually do something about it

Let’s do that now, shall we?

Have you been holding something back from a friend or loved one? Maybe it’s a feeling, a bad statement, or something they’ve done to upset you – something is bugging you, and it’s time to let it go. Resolve it, or file it away

You can’t hold on to every unresolved conflict. There would be no space in your brain for anything else. Leave it in history, where it belongs. 

3) Energy Movement

When energy enters, exits, or moves around in your body, you can expect shivers, jerks, tremors, spasms, and other weird movements.

This is quite normal, fairly well documented, and is usually nothing to be alarmed about

Have you recently manifested, or manifested more frequently than usual? This can cause excessive energy movements inside the body.

Other common symptoms of energy movement include: 

  • Restlessness;
  • Insomnia;
  • Frequent bursts of high energy;
  • Racing thoughts;
  • Temporary bursts of amnesia;
  • Fast speech;
  • Racing heart.

4) Spiritual Awakening

Sticking with the theme of energy and vibrations, a spiritual awakening can make your body do weird, wonderful, and unusual things.

An awakening can bring the same symptoms as energy movements inside the body – because energy is moving around the body

This can feel quite scary, but you should use it to your advantage. Your connection to the spiritual world is stronger than ever before.

Manifest, affirm, and set intentions to your heart’s content! 

5) Beginner’s Symptoms

Shaking, muscle spasms, and other similar symptoms are quite common for newbies in the spiritual realm.

On my fifth manifestation session, my heart raced like never before. I genuinely thought I was having a heart attack.

It only lasted a few seconds, and a few tests at the doctors revealed there was nothing wrong with me, or my heart. 

I spoke to a couple of expert spiritualists and, apparently, it’s very normal.

You’re just shaking those energies for the first time and blowing all the dust and cobwebs off! 

6) Emotional Neglect

Emotional neglect can come in several different ways.

You can emotionally neglect yourself, which is very common.

You can also be emotionally neglected by friends, family, and loved ones. You can also emotionally neglect those people, too. 

Who’s neglecting whom in your life? Someone is; that’s why you’re getting muscle spasms. 

If people repeatedly let you down on an emotional level, they’re no good for you. It’s your turn to say it… 

7) Trouble Moving in Life

Your muscles are vital for getting you around, and for doing… well, pretty much everything.

Without them, you wouldn’t be able to eat, drink, digest food, go ice skating, have fun with your partner, put laundry out on the washing line, or anything else that requires any kind of movement. 

The hidden spiritual meaning behind muscle spasms is essentially the same: you are stuck, unable to move or find your balance, stuck in place

What’s holding you back and keeping you in place?

Whatever that is, you’re going to need to get rid of it.

Nothing in life is worth holding on to if it means you stop moving. Life is about always moving forward. If you’re not moving forward, what are you doing? 


First and foremost, always seek medical advice for medical issues, such as muscle spasms.

Although they very often have spiritual meanings and messages hidden within them, they can also be a sign of serious medical conditions that could be potentially life-threatening

For answers, speak to your angels. You can also manifest and meditate for more information and guidance, or whatever communication rituals you use. 

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