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Occipital Pain Spiritual Meaning: 9 Messages for You

Occipital Pain Spiritual Meaning: 9 Messages for You

A few days ago, I received a call from my elderly mother. She was in so much pain, she said while sobbing.

The back of her head was hurting she said like a migraine but the painkiller she took seemed to be ineffective against this pain.

I was alarmed by my mother’s phone call especially since she has a high threshold for pain. She must have been feeling really ill and the discomfort was just too much so she called me. I rushed to her and brought her to the hospital.

It was not a migraine but occipital pain, the doctor said. The cause for it was unknown as is typical of this pain. My mom felt better in a matter of days.

I stayed at her place for the next few days and observed my mom. I think there are spiritual reasons why she has occipital pain.

The ones above were telling her something important with the occipital pain as I discovered and so I wrote down the spiritual meanings of this pain in the hope of helping others.

What Does Occipital Pain Represent Spiritually?

man pain in back head

Occipital pain spiritually represents life’s unpredictability.

This pain is sent to people to remind them that one cannot predict what comes next in our lives. Only the heavens know what is in store for us.

As life is unpredictable, the heavens want us to:

  • To show our love all the time to the people we care about;
  • Forgive people quickly and easily;
  • Make the most out of our days;
  • Put to good use our heaven-sent talent and gifts.

The heavens are reminding us of life’s unpredictability through the occipital pain so that we can live our best lives every day we are on earth.

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What Does Occipital Pain Mean Spiritually?

woman pointing at back of skull

Were you feeling pain on the right or left side of the occipital bone?

Each side has a different spiritual meaning that we are about to take a look at now:

Right occipital pain:

When you are experiencing right occipital pain then this is because the ones above are reminding us that pain is part of life.

At one point or another, each person will experience pain.

The pain may be physical which will require doctor’s visits and medicines for pain management or emotional which will need a lot of processing of information and talking about feelings.

Sometimes, the heavens do not provide a warning for the pain coming and so you must keep the faith even when the pain is unexpected.

Left occipital pain:

Left occipital pain is a sign from the ones above that prayers are important.

The heavens are reminding you of this because you might be forgetting about the power of prayers.

Perhaps you are going through some tough times but have not been praying. Or you are praying but insincerely and without passion. Maybe you are not praying at all

The heavens must have noticed these and want to remind you that prayers are an important part of your spiritual journey.

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9 Spiritual Meaning of Occipital Pain

woman with hand on neck

1) Have faith

The occipital pain is likely a sign from the heavens that you simply need to have faith.

  • Maybe you are going through some of the toughest times in your life but don’t know how to handle the pressure.
  • Maybe you are wondering what is in store for you in the future.

Regardless of what you are feeling, the heavens are reminding you to simply have faith.

Whatever season you are in right now in your life, the ones above are telling you to keep faith in the supreme being and all will be well.

2) Don’t judge a book by its cover

In my story earlier, my mom initially thought that the pain she was feeling was a migraine. But the doctor told her it was not as it was occipital pain.

One of the spiritual messages of this pain is almost the same.

The pain could be heaven’s way of telling you to not judge a book by its cover.

Things are not what they always seem so you must not be quick to judge or even make a decision.

Each of us should be careful and take the time to understand something or someone before we jump to conclusions.

3) Follow your dreams

The occipital pain you are experiencing may be the universe’s way of encouraging you to follow your dreams. This is also an affirmation that you are right to follow what your heart desires.

Maybe you are being sent this pain because you are doubting whether you are right to follow your dreams or you are feeling discouraged about your progress.

The occipital pain could be heaven’s way of telling you that you need to have faith in yourself and dreams and you can achieve your goals.

4) Nasty words

You may want to brace yourself for some emotional hurt when there is occipital pain. This is because this is a sign that you would be at the receiving end of hurtful words.

Someone close to you may hurl nasty and unfair words meant to hurt you.

These words will haunt you for days and weeks and you might have a hard time forgiving the person who said these nasty words.

5) Be wise

The occipital pain you are feeling might be the universe’s way of telling you to be wise.

Perhaps the ones above are noticing how you have been making bad decisions after the other.

The heavens are likely worried about the actions you have taken lately and your lack of care and attention to things.

These could come back to bite you which is why the heavens are telling you to be wise about things. 

6) Express yourself

  • Have you been keeping your thoughts to yourself?
  • Are you keeping silent even when you know you need to speak up about things?
  • Are you letting other people dominate conversations all the time?

If the answers to the above questions are yes and you have occipital pain, then this is a sign to express yourself.

The heavens are encouraging you to speak up your thoughts especially when there is so much at stake.

You need to communicate your feelings so others can’t easily hurt you.

7) Someone’s dishonesty

Occipital pain can also be a sign from the universe that someone will soon be dishonest with you or you will soon discover someone’s deception.

This could be hard breaking for you especially since this is a person whom you have trusted. The discovery of the dishonesty will leave you hurt for quite some time.

8) Forgiveness

If there is someone who has hurt you and you haven’t forgiven this person, then the occipital pain is a sign that you need to work on forgiving this person.

The heavens want you to lighten your burdens and that is why it is telling you to forgive the person who hurt you even if it is hard.

Pray to the ones above to help you forgive so all will be well.

9) Fast-tracking of plans

The occipital pain could be a sign that the heavens will let you achieve your goals sooner than you have expected.

This means that the ones above are fast-tracking your plans and you will need to go with it. 

Do not worry as the heavens have great things in store for you as you achieve what you have set out to do much earlier than planned.

Just keep working hard and pray for guidance all the way.

Is This A Sign from Heaven?

man in pain

Yes, the occipital pain you are feeling is likely coming from heaven.

This is why you should listen to what these messages are because they are sent by the ones above.

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Occipital pain can be quite confusing and can cause massive discomfort.

But there is a deep message behind this pain especially as these are from the heavens. Listen to these spiritual messages and heed them.

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