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Pain In Hands Spiritual Meaning: Right and Left Hand

Pain In Hands Spiritual Meaning

Have you been noticing pain and a strange tingling sensation in your hands today?

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that it means the universe is trying to communicate with you!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about pain in hands and what you can spiritually do about it.

Let’s dive right into the spiritual meaning of pain in right hand and left hand?

Spiritual Significance Of Hands

Our hands in spiritual world

Believe it or not, each part of your body has spiritual significance attached to it!

Hands represent control, protection, and harmony

They perfectly coordinate with the mind to put all thoughts, ideas, and signals into action.

The hands keep you from danger by helping you fight to protect vital organs and sense things that may be harmful to touch

In ancient times, people even believed that the hands were weapons in disguise given by God to his faithful believers who would fight in His way.

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What Does It Mean When You Feel Pain In Your Hands?

Left hand pain

Spiritually, feeling pain in your hands is usually a sign from the universe

More often than not, it means there’s danger coming your way and you’ll need to fight either physically or mentally to protect yourself from taking a damaging blow. 

Pain in the hands can also mean that you’ve lost control over your life and chaos has been let loose.

It’s a warning sign to regain a firm grip over your life and organize it so that your relationships, goals, health, and family don’t slip away from your hands.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Hand Injuries

Hand Injuries

In most cases, hand injuries occur because the universe is trying to prevent you from a forthcoming accident or mistake that may potentially cost you a lot

Although the pain from hand injuries can be a little brutal sometimes, you need to understand that it is for your own good.

By not making that one costly mistake you were about to make, you’ll be saving yourself from a lot of hassle and unnecessary drama.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Pain In Hands: 7 Signs For You

Spiritual Meaning Of Pain In Hands

1) Control Yourself

If you’re someone who loses your temper and gets physical very easily, pain in the right or left hand can be a sign that you need to control yourself

There could either be a situation coming up ahead that may call for you to calm down and think practically or the universe just doesn’t want you to hurt people and make enemies for yourself. 

Either way, refraining from physical altercations and communicating wrathful emotions through speech can take you a long way.

Better embrace the attitude quickly!

2) Bad Deeds

Believe it or not, there are a lot of unintentional sins you can commit with your hands!

This includes greedily hogging resources for yourself, committing adultery, spreading terror through physical abuse, and stealing. 

If you’ve been involved in any of these vices recently and happen to feel hand pain, it’s a sign from the universe to stop your hands from involuntarily committing sin again and seek forgiveness from God. 

3) Blocked Chakra

If pain in the hands is accompanied by loss of sensation, it may be a sign of a blocked chakra. 

It means there is a chakra in your body that is not receiving an adequate flow of energy and is malfunctioning. 

When a chakra gets blocked, you may begin to feel:

  • Anxious;
  • Mentally disturbed;
  • Lethargic;
  • Insecure about yourself;
  • And disconnected from reality.

Therefore, you must be quick in relieving the blockage through meditation and finding ways to clear internal disturbance

4) Stress

Stress and tension can also be signified through hand pain. 

It’s the body’s way of telling you that there’s something very taxing that it’s dealing with inside.

  • It may be financial stress;
  • Family pressure;
  • Or anything that has been making you worry a lot lately. 

Consider the pain as an indicator that your mind is on the verge of exhaustion and you must counter your problems or let go of them entirely to give yourself a break

5) A Traumatizing Past

If you experience pain in the hands at very particular moments, it may signify your hateful relationship with your past

You may have suffered abuse or witnessed violence through the hands and the pain just means that you haven’t been able to let go of those experiences yet.

The trauma likely left a deep emotional scar on you making it harder for you to trust people or experience life normally again.

Unfortunately, if you don’t seek genuine help, your pain and scars won’t be leaving you anytime soon. 

6) Evil Intent

Oftentimes, you may notice a sharp pain in the hand every time a malicious thought about hurting someone or seeking revenge pops up in your head. 

Ever wondered what it means?

Well… unsurprisingly…it’s the universe telling you to NOT do something foolish. 

You see, with vicious intent comes a lot of stupid and appalling ideas.

You may try to seek justice and closure through destructive and perhaps even unlawful ways.

So, by giving you the pain signal, you’re being warned not to take any action and leave all matters of revenge and justice to God as He will eventually bring to you what you deserve. 

7) Karma

If you ran a little late in reading the last point and allowed evil to creep into your actions, hand pain for you may be a sign that everything you did will eventually come back to you. 

And, yes, this includes the bad things as well!

It’s just the way the universe works – in a circle. What you put out is what you receive back one day. 

Now, instead of resenting your mistakes and wrongdoings, you can think of this as an opportunity to better yourself and do good so that good comes back to you next. 

Is Pain In Hands Really A Bad Spiritual Sign?

Guardian Angel sign

Unfortunately, yes, pain in the hands is certainly NOT a good spiritual sign!

Not only does it hint you about upcoming stressful events but also problems in your life that you may have never cared to notice.

The universe may want you to change certain habits, give something up for good, or regain control of a vulnerable aspect of your life.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the hand pain can also be a sign to protect yourself physically and spiritually as a slip up at the time may cost you a lot. 

Reflecting on your life and letting your intuition guide you is generally the best way to come up with answers and possible solutions for your pain. 


Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: pain in the hands is NOT always due to a cut or injury.

The universe may actually be behind that pain trying to warn you about something that’s about to strike. 

It can be a sign to be on high alert for danger, avoid big financial decisions, safeguard valuable possessions, and let go of anything that has the slightest possibility of creating bigger problems.

The pain in the hands stops you from taking any steps or actions that could lead to disaster at that particular time or situation.

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