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Period Pain Spiritual Meaning: 6 Spiritual Causes

Period Pain Spiritual Meanings: 6 Spiritual Causes

Today I will talk about the spiritual meaning of period pain and some spiritual causes of severe menstrual pain.

I grew up with my sister who would be bedridden every month when she had her period. She would be in bed with some hot compress, painkillers, her favorite pillow, and so on. 

My sister’s period pain would always be bad and I would wish that I could take away this pain from her and be the one to endure it.

I am reminded of my sister’s period pain and suffering lately when my officemate would take a leave when she had her period. She was in so much discomfort she said when it was her first day.

And this made me wonder what could be the period pain’s spiritual meaning. What are the heavens trying to tell us when someone is suffering from this pain?

What Does Period Pain Represent Spiritually?

Woman with period pain

Period pain represents spiritual cleansing.

Keep in mind that a woman bleeds as part of the cleansing of her inner body. The spiritual representation of period pain is not far off.

Period pain represents the spiritual cleansing that every one of us should undergo. It is not only the inner body and organs of a woman that should undergo cleansing regularly as all of us need cleansing.

When you see a lady experiencing period pain, then think of your spiritual cleansing.

When did you last go on a retreat? When did you reflect on whether your actions and words are pure?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Menstrual Blood?

Menstrual Blood

The spiritual meaning of menstrual blood is fertility. Without this blood, a female cannot conceive.

As such, menstrual blood spiritually means fertility and procreation.

  • Keep in mind that various cultures and religions put a lot of emphasis on the girl’s menstrual blood. 
  • Some see it as a sign of the end of childhood. It is a point where the girl becomes a lady and can be someone’s wife.
  • Menstrual bleeding is a sign that a girl can be wed and have babies.
  • In some cultures, women who no longer bleed monthly are no longer encouraged to be married off as they cannot bear children anymore.

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What is the Biblical Meaning of Period Pain?

Period pain in the Bible

The period of pain biblically is a reflection of a mother’s suffering.

In biology, menstruation is a prerequisite to fertility or childbearing and so a woman must endure the pain of her menstruation regardless of whether she likes it or not.

This is much like the suffering of mothers in our lives. 

  • The woman has to endure the discomfort of menstruation for decades, so she can bear children.
  • When pregnant the woman has to carry the baby for nine months in her womb enduring all the discomfort of carrying another life.
  • The mother is expected to take care of the baby even after birth and endure sleepless nights.
  • As the child is growing up, the mother is usually the primary caregiver until the child comes of age.

So, when you see a woman suffering period pain, think of the suffering of mothers as its biblical meaning.

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Spiritual Meaning of Period Pain: 6 Signs and Causes

Spiritual Meaning of Period Pain

1) A reminder to be grateful

In some cultures, it is believed that period pain is a reminder to be grateful.

Often, people are so busy with their lives that they forget to be grateful for the blessings they have had and are currently enjoying.

The reminder is not limited to the woman experiencing period pain.

It is believed that those close to the person experiencing the pain are also being reminded to show gratitude.

The heavens may be displeased with the lack of gratitude of the person suffering the pain and the people around her

Count your blessings then and thank the heavens for all of them.

2) A reflection of strength

If you have been feeling lost or weak recently and then you suffer from period pain, then this is because the heavens are reminding you of your strength.

It is widely believed that period pain is a reflection of a woman’s strength. Many people say that if a woman can endure the monthly discomfort of having their period, then they can overcome anything that comes their way— all the challenges and the hardships. 

As such, this is why many believe that a woman experiences pain during their period to remind them of their strength and how they can overcome anything.

3) Embrace your femininity

In some groups, period pain signifies your need to embrace your femininity. Many women, after all, are hiding their feminine side for one reason or another.

There is a widespread belief that period pain is a sign from the heavens to embrace the qualities usually associated with females. 

For example, softness is typically a woman’s quality but many are hiding their soft side. That is why the heavens are sending the period pain as a sign to not hide the female qualities such as softness or being caring.

Instead, the ones above want you to embrace these qualities and even show them off. 

4) Take care of the young

Many people also believe that period pain is a reminder for the woman experiencing the pain and her family to be extra careful with them young.

It is a reminder that the young ones need more help and attention.

When there is someone in the family suffering from period pain, then think of the younger members.

The family must ask how well the young ones are faring

Are they growing up to be spiritually good and living pleasing lives to the heavens? What should the older members of the family do to ensure that the young ones grow up well?

5) A challenging spiritual journey

Many believe that a usual period of pain is a sign of a bump into the spiritual journey.

This means that the one going through the pain or someone close to her will soon experience a challenging spiritual growth.

This could mean that the person may lose faith for a while.

It could be that this person will be asking if all has been worth it and whether it is indeed rewarding to live a spiritually pleasing life

The one in pain or the person she loves may stop praying for a while, quit going to church, or have less faith than before.

This is a vulnerable time for this person.

6) Do Less

Some cultures believe that if you are experiencing period pain, then this is a sign to do less.

It is believed that you are in pain during this cycle because you do not know how to honor your body by resting as needed.

Thus, ladies who experience pain while menstruating must take it slow and easy and avoid heavy work.

The moon cycle must be honored this way, which is why ladies are prohibited from working excessively during these times.

If you did not rest in the previous cycle, then your body will force you to rest the next time you get your period.

This is the reason why you are now experiencing a pain period in this cycle.

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Should I Be Concerned?

Woman with menstrual pain

Yes, you should be concerned about your period pain or the pain of the woman close to you and suffering from it.

But not only because of the medical reason for it but also the spiritual reason behind it.

Remember that this could be heaven’s way of telling you something important.


Period pain can be highly uncomfortable not just for the woman who has her period but also for those around her.

Aside from the physical pain, superstitions say various things about why someone experiences this kind of pain.  

There are also spiritual reasons for them. Listen to what these reasons are and how they can be used to guide you in your spiritual journey.

Also, before you leave, read some solutions to relief period pain.

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