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Ribs Pain Spiritual Meaning: Right or Left Side? Sign!

Ribs Pain Spiritual Meaning: Right or Left Side? Sign!

Having pain in the ribs is a spiritual sign.

This does not mean you should pay less attention to the medical effects and solution of this condition. But, your gaze should also be fixed on the spirituality surrounding pain in your ribs. 

In this article, I will reveal the numerous spiritual meanings of having rib pain. All the questions you have about the spiritual significance of rib pains will be answered. 

Does this bring good luck or bad luck?

Read this article till the end to find out. 

What do ribs represent spiritually?

Riibs in spiritual world

Ribs are a part of the skeletal structure that holds the body together. Because of this, they can be seen as a spiritual sign of wholeness and unity.

By paying attention to our ribs, we can learn valuable lessons about the interconnectedness of life. 

The ribs spiritually represent the connection between our body, soul, and spirit. 

Furthermore, the rib is seen as an omen of growth. When you breathe in and out, the ribs contract and expand accordingly. Now, this activity represents the expansion of man’s consciousness, which is linked to spiritual growth and development. 

I believe that ribs can be an omen of a spiritual connection between the physical and the spiritual realms.

They are the bridge through which we can be awakened to the spiritual world around us. 

This is why I see my ribs as a constant spiritual reminder of the unseen realm around us. Build your consciousness around this spiritual fact.

Let your ribs be a constant reminder that the spiritual world is real.

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Right side rib pain spiritual meaning

Woman with right side rib pain

When the right side of your rib hurts you, it means that you are ignoring your intuition. Rather than listen to your inner voice, you are acting based on feelings and sentiments. 

Additionally, the right side of your rib will hurt you because of negative energy. This means that you have consistently taken in negative energy. You need to let go of this negative vibe.

Through positive affirmations and prayers, you can release negative energy and be relieved of the pain in your right rib cage

Spiritually, when the right side of your rib begins to hurt, it means that the spiritual world needs your attention.

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Left side rib pain spiritual meaning

Man with left side rib pain

Shortly after the loss of a loved one, if the left side of your rib begins to hurt, it is a spiritual omen of grief.

This means that you are yet to get over the grief in your heart.

The pain is a sign of the negative effect of holding too many negative feelings in your mind. 

The pain in the left side of your rib also means you are ignoring your emotional self.

It reveals that the spiritual world wants you to accept your vulnerabilities as part of your existence. Also, don’t hold back from expressing your feelings and emotions.

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What does rib pain mean emotionally?

Emotions and pain in spiritual world

If you have rib pain, it is an emotional sign of guilt.

It reveals that you feel guilty for a mistake you made recently. Because of this, you have refrained from expressing yourself as you should.

You have lost your confidence as well. 

Furthermore, the emotional sign from rib pain is associated with unforgiveness.

The universe wants you to release past hurts done toward you. It is time to let go of the hurt, forgive the offender, and move on with your life. 

Spiritually and emotionally, rib pain means your creative self is trying to find expression.

Stop suppressing that part of yourself. 

What is the chakra for rib pain?

Heart chakra

The heart chakra is responsible for the rib. In Sanskrit, it is called “anahata”, which means unhurt, or unbroken.

It is the 4th primary chakra in the body and is responsible for love and self-confidence. 

Whenever you feel pain in your rib, it spiritually implies that your heart chakra has been blocked, or is out of alignment

The resultant effect of this is loss of confidence, self-guilt, and other negative inward expressions.

The next time you feel pain in your rib, it means your heart chakra has been blocked.

You can unblock your heart chakra through meditation, using crystals, positive affirmations, and breathing exercises

Spiritual Meaning of Rib Pain: 7 Signs and Causes

Spiritual Meaning of Rib Pain

Below are the 7 spiritual meanings of rib pain you should know. If you have struggled with rib pain in recent times, here are the spiritual messages you are getting from the heavens. 

1) Release negative thoughts

It is time to let go of negativity.

This is the first, and most important spiritual message you are getting from this pain. If you have become riddled with negative thoughts and ideas, the pain in your ribs should be a warning sign for you. 

Through this pain, the universe wants you to overcome the temptation to stay comfortable with negative thoughts and feelings.

It is time to switch over to the positive side. It is time to release those negative thoughts from your mind whilst embracing positivity. 

2) Pay attention to your health

The pain in your ribs is a sign that your health is failing. It means you did not pay enough attention in the past. Well, you can do something about it right now!

Be inspired by this pain to go for constant medical checkups.

Observe healthy routine activities and get your health back on track. 

3) Self-confidence

Whenever you feel pain in your rib, it implies that you have lost your self-confidence.

Take the pain as a sign to work on building that confidence all over again.

Start by discovering who you are, and become comfortable with your uniqueness. 

4) Listen to your inner voice

Feeling pain in your ribs is a sign of confusion.

It means you have not attained clarity of thought due to a neglect of your inner voice. Take this pain as an inspiration to listen to what your inner self has to say to you.

With this, you will never be left without guidance and precision. 

5) Spiritual awakening

It is believed that rib pain is an omen of spiritual sensitivity.

When you feel pain in your ribs, this is a sign that your spiritual consciousness is getting heightened. Keep this message at the back of your mind. 

The pain in your ribs is telling you to become more spiritually attentive

6) You will find love soon

As a single individual, the pain at the left side of your rib is a sign of assurance. It means you will find the love of your life soon.

This sign reveals that your soulmate is looking for you.

The connection will happen soon, and this will spark an adventurous and exciting love life for the duo. 

7) Stay truthful

When you feel pain in your ribs, it is a spiritual sign of dishonesty. Take this as a warning sign from the heavens.

You need to be deliberate about upholding honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity. Don’t be cunny. 

Is this a good spiritual omen?

About this spiritual pain

Rib pain is neither a good spiritual omen nor a bad spiritual omen.

It is a neutral spiritual sign from the heavens. Through it, you can get good messages, bad messages, and warning signs. 

This all depends on what the spiritual world is trying to communicate. Most times, the spiritual messages that come through rib pain are warning signs for divine guidance and insight.

There is nothing to fear about this pain. Ensure to consult your medical doctor for advice on how to cure yourself of the pain. However, don’t ignore the spiritual aspect as well. 


Conclusively, the pain in your ribs could be a severe or benign medical condition. Ensure you get it checked. 

In the midst of this, focus your mind on understanding the spiritual relevance of the pain to your life. Seek how you can enjoy divine guidance through the rib pain. 

Thanks for reading through. 

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