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Spiritual Meaning of Clavicle Pain: 7 Spiritual Reasons

Spiritual Meaning of Clavicle Pain: 7 Spiritual Reasons

My officemate was absent for some days.

When she came back, I asked her about her sudden leave from work. She said that her little boy broke his clavicle and was in the hospital for days but he was getting better.

A few days later I bumped into the officemate again and she was wearing a worried expression.

I asked her what was wrong and she said that her clavicle was hurting. It was weird she said because it was her son who broke her clavicle but she was in pain in the same area too.

I asked her if she had considered the spiritual meaning of clavicle pain.

There’s likely a spiritual reason for this pain and so over lunch, we had a lengthy discussion of it. Here’s what we talked about.

What Does It Mean Spiritually When Your Clavicle Hurts?

Woman with Clavicle pain

 When your clavicle hurts, spiritually it represents the tensions in life.

It is a reminder that life is never smooth sailing and that you will encounter many challenges and tensions in your lifetime.

This is why your spiritual beliefs are important.

The clavicle pain represents life’s hardships and how you need to have faith to navigate these hardships.

Like pain including clavicle pain, tensions are manageable as long as you keep the faith in the heavens and your creator. 

Having faith is what you need when you are feeling so tense about your life’s circumstances.

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What is the Biblical Meaning of Clavicle Pain?

Man with clavicle pain

Clavicle pain biblically means the need for forgiveness.

The Bible has always stressed the need to forgive those who have hurt us even if they have not asked for our forgiveness. 

When your clavicle hurts and you know you still have people to forgive, then consider doing the following:

  • Talking to the person who has hurt you. Perhaps a conversation will make forgiveness easier
  • Praying for the hurt that you feel and the person who hurt you.
  • Retracing steps or thinking of what happened that made you angry. Maybe this time you will have a different perspective.
  • Talking to the person’s friends and family can give you some clues on why the person who hurt you did what he or she did that caused you pain.

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Superstitions About Clavicle Pain

Superstitions About Clavicle Pain

There are different superstitions concerning clavicle pain. Here are some of them.

Discontent in your relationship:

They say that one of the reasons why you have clavicle pain is because you’re unhappy in some of your relationships.

This could be relationships with family members, co-workers, schoolmates, churchmates, and so on.

Consider talking to the person involved so that you can fix the relationship. Fixing the relationship, after all, might be key to getting rid of the clavicle pain.

You are thinking too much:

Many believe that thinking too much can cause clavicle pain.

If you are worrying excessively or analyzing things too much, then you are likely to experience clavicle pain.

Try relaxing your mind and letting things be. They say doing so will help you get rid of the pain in your collarbone.

Looking for someone new:

In some cultures, clavicle pain represents a person’s desire for something new.

This means that the one suffering from pain wants to do something different or new.

This could be trying a new sport, workout, or learning a new skill.

The change that the person wants to happen may be more serious like a new work, home, or relationship.

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7 Spiritual Reasons for Clavicle Pain

Spiritual Reasons for Clavicle Pain

1) An emotional baggage

The clavicle pain you may be experiencing is due to the emotional baggage you are carrying.

The heavens are letting you know that you have this chip on your shoulder metaphorically and want you to let go of it.

This baggage of yours, after all, may be preventing you from growing as a person. It could also be serving as a major obstacle to your spiritual growth.

The heavens know how this emotional baggage is affecting you negatively and so they send a sign for you to let go of it. 

Pray for you to finally get rid of this baggage you’ve been carrying for some time.

2) Let things fall where they may be

Sometimes we want to keep changing things, chasing things that we may never have or achieve.

Other times, we just can’t seem to accept whatever is in front of us and we do everything that we can to change what we don’t like or the course of our lives.

When you are feeling this way and you feel some clavicle pain, then this is a sign from the heavens to leave things the way they are. Let things fall into where they may fall without much intervention for you. 

The clavicle pain is a sign that you need to step back and trust that the heavens know what you are doing.

3) Value peace

When you have clavicle pain, then this is a message from the heavens that you need to value your peace.

If you are at a crossroads and need to make a decision, this is heaven’s way of telling you to choose peace.

When you feel some pain in your clavicle, reflect on the possible sources of stress and conflict in your life.

Think of ways to find a peaceful resolution to conflicts or have more harmonious relationships.

You are likely being sent this pain to remind you that peace is important and you should prioritize it.

4) A need for balanced nourishment

If you are feeling some clavicle pain, then this could be a sign from the heavens to nourish your body and mind properly.

This is a reminder to feed both your body and mind with the right food rather than junk.

When you feel this pain, ask yourself how your diet has been.

What have you been eating and if they are nutritious or balanced?

Your body is a temple and eating the right food is necessary. What you feed your mind is equally essential too as your mental health is important.

5) A slip 

Be careful when you are experiencing clavicle pain.

This can be a sign of a slip on your part. This means you could physically slip and fall or you may slip from your goals. 

For example, you may be addressing your nicotine or alcohol addiction and then you end up smoking or drinking.

This is a slip that can be a setback in your goals if you are not careful. You can avoid this slip if you are careful.

6) A big blow

Your heart may be broken soon when you have some clavicle pain as it can mean a big blow.

This blow is heartbreaking as you may have put your heart and mind on something and you experience a big blow.

Take heart and know that the heavens have other plans for you.

7) Disharmony in family

The clavicle pain you are feeling could be a sign from the heavens that you will soon experience some disharmony in the family.

This conflict can cause much emotional stress among family members.

You could be the one involved in a row with another family member or other members will be the one fighting each other.

While family quarrels happen, this one might take longer to resolve or may have more dire consequences.

Should I Be Concerned?

About this spiritual pain

Yes, you should be concerned when you have pain in the clavicle.

After all, this could be a sign from the heavens of something bad happening that you need to prepare for or some messages to make your life more meaningful.

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Clavicle pain can be both uncomfortable and worrying. But don’t let the pain distract you from finding the spiritual reasons behind it.

The heavens, after all, are likely telling you something important by sending you this pain.

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