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Spiritual Meaning Of Diarrhea: 7 Signs And Reasons 

Spiritual Meaning Of Diarrhea: 7 Signs And Reasons 

Diarrhea is one of the illnesses that everyone will experience in their lifetime much like the flu. Even kids do get and suffer diarrhea once in a while.

I know this because I did experience diarrhea several times when I was growing up.

One of which was highly memorable because I had to spend some days in the hospital because I was dehydrated. My mother then became extra vigilant when one of her young kids would get this illness.

I still get diarrhea now and then. But this time, I am more aware that there are other reasons for getting diarrhea than medical reasons.

Recently, my mother and I reminisced about what happened to me when I had diarrhea and needed hospitalization. She then prodded me to share what I know about the spiritual reasons for diarrhea.

Spiritual Meaning of Vomiting and Diarrhea

woman pain in stomach

When you or a loved one is experiencing diarrhea, then this is a sign from the heavens that you, your loved one, or your family need emotional cleansing.

Perhaps you or your family members have been feeling spiritually heavy emotions and are unable to unload all these emotions.

 When there is vomiting and diarrhea, then consider doing the following:

  • Think of the negative emotions you have been feeling and harboring lately, and how much they’ve consumed your thoughts;
  • Unburden yourself to someone by talking about your feelings;
  • Pray hard to let go of emotions that are hurting you or have become too burdensome;
  • Try practicing meditation and gratitude;
  • The vomiting and diarrhea are messages from the heavens that your heavy emotions are getting the better of you. It is time to do something about them before they turn you into an overly pessimistic person.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Diarrhea

man going to toilet belly pain

In the morning:

When you have diarrhea in the morning, then this is a sign from the ones above to start with better nutrition.

The heavens have likely noticed how poor your eating habits are.

You could be eating excessively or consuming more junk than healthy food. You could also be missing meals or scrimping on nutritious food to buy luxury.

The ones above want to remind you that eating well is also key to living a good and rewarding life.

In the evening:

When you get diarrhea at night, this is a sign that you need to get enough rest.

Chances are, you have been neglecting your rest time by doing other things when it is time to sleep. 

When you get diarrhea in the evening, then reflect on your sleep hygiene and think of ways you can improve it. Just like with eating well, getting enough rest will allow you to do more in life.

For several days:

If you have diarrhea that goes on for several days, then this could be a sign from the heavens to take better care of your overall health.

This means taking the time to figure out if all is well with your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

The diarrhea that lasts for several days could be a sign from the heavens that you have been neglecting your well-being.

You are likely sweeping any health-related problems under the rug. 

The ones above want you to stop doing this and instead address whatever health problems you may have.

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Spiritual Meaning of Diarrhea in a Dream

woman discomfort pain

When you have dreamt of diarrhea, then this could be because a dead loved one is trying to send you a message.

This person who is already in the afterworld is probably disturbed about something regarding your life and wants to tell you an important message.

Perhaps there is something spiritually displeasing with your ways that the dead loved one has noticed and wants you to change.

Maybe he or she wants to warn you of something bad about to happen or someone talking ill.

Maybe this loved one already in the afterlife simply wants to make his or her presence felt, that is why you dream of diarrhea.

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7 Spiritual Reasons and Meanings Of Diarrhea 

man laying in bed in pain

1) A new season

When you have diarrhea, it could be a message from the heavens that you will soon be entering a new season in your life.

You will soon be experiencing a massive change in one or several aspects of your life.

This could mean new work or workplace or a change in church or religion. You could also now be in a committed relationship but soon will become single or vice versa.

There will be changes that might overwhelm you but with prayers and faith, you can navigate these changes well.

2) Heightened senses

When you are experiencing diarrhea, then this is a sign that you will soon be entering a phase where you will experience some heightened senses

  • You could be more observant than usual, noticing everything unusual or out of place in your surroundings;
  • You could also have an extra sense of doom or heightened alert for possible danger;
  • Your sense of hearing or smell could also be sharper than usual.

The heavens are telling you ahead of time about experiencing heightened senses so you can put this phase into good use.

3) Be humble

Having diarrhea could also be heaven’s way of telling you to be humble.

Perhaps the ones above have noticed how you let your success get into your head. The ones above are displeased with your lack of humility.

So when you get diarrhea, ask yourself how you have been treating people.

Check if people would still describe you as humble with your actions in the last few weeks or if you need to adjust your attitude.

Are you bragging too much or think that you are way better than others?

4) Self-neglect

I noticed that whenever I had diarrhea, this was because I was neglecting myself.

In my story earlier, when I had diarrhea and needed hospitalization, it was because I was staying up late all the time, playing video games. I was also consuming so much junk food while I played my games.

The diarrhea was a sign from the heavens to take better care of myself. After my hospitalization, I was forced to sleep better and eat better.

Thus, when you have this illness, take the time to reflect on how you have been taking care of your body and how you can improve your habits.

5) Tomorrow is another day

One thing about diarrhea is that it can be severe one day but be gone the next day.

This happened to me several times when I was suffering from diarrhea one day and feeling weak but the illness was gone the next day allowing me to go back to school or work.

Sometimes, the spiritual message is almost the same. Having diarrhea could be heaven’s way of telling you that tomorrow is another day.

Today may be unpleasant or challenging compared to other days, but you need to hope that tomorrow can be much better. The opposite can also be true

This means that if today was a good day, tomorrow may also be the opposite. What is important is to be flexible on what the day brings.

6) A small win

It is also possible that the heavens are telling you that you will have some small wins after having diarrhea.

This means small things will be in your favor and you would be grateful for them.

Do not expect big prizes like a large inheritance or a jackpot from the lottery or casino.

Instead, you will experience small wins like getting the last slice of pizza or cake at home, beating traffic when it seems impossible, or getting a small recognition.

7) Changing homes

When you have diarrhea, then this could be a message from the heavens that you will be soon changing homes.

It could also be a reminder that changing homes may not be as smooth sailing as you thought.

The reason for this change could vary. You may be leaving for a new state or country for work or school.

You could also be getting out of your rental home and moving into your property or you will be forced out of your current house. Be prepared for this major change.

Is This A Sign From The Heavens?

woman touching belly

Diarrhea is definitely a sign from heaven.

It could be the universe’s way of telling you to take better care of your health and have better habits or to have more humility in your dealings.

Diarrhea may be uncomfortable but, aside from the pain, you must focus on what the ones above are trying to communicate with you.

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Diarrhea can cause massive pain and discomfort especially if left unattended.

When you have this illness, it is best to rest and take additional measures to prevent your condition from getting worse. 

At the same time, you must pay attention to what the heavens are trying to tell you by giving you this illness.

Open your heart to the message that either warns you or helps you live a more spiritually pleasing life.


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