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Spiritual Meaning of Facial Pain: 7 Secret Meanings For You!

Spiritual Meaning of Facial Pain: 7 Secret Meanings For You!

It’s normal for us to head to our doctors, complain about something, and then get medication or another kind of treatment or therapy to alleviate the symptoms and, hopefully, make it go away.

How many of us actually wonder why the complaint happened in the first place, though?

If everything medical is related to something spiritual, what is the spiritual meaning of facial pain? Why don’t we find out? 

Spiritual Meaning of Facial Pain: Overview

Man with facial pain

The face is connected to the Third Eye chakra, which is, in turn, connected to:

  • Communication with the spiritual realm;
  • Alertness;
  • Awareness;
  • Authority, and perception.

This sixth chakra has a direct link with the unconscious mind, ultimate reality, and intuition

Essentially, if your Third Eye chakra is blocked or messed up in other ways, your connection to the spiritual word is non-existent.

You won’t receive messages, your messages to the beyond will not be received, and life will get more unpleasant rather than the opposite

That’s not the only spiritual meaning of facial pain, however. Read on and you’ll find the secret meanings you might’ve missed.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Facial Tension?

Woman with Facial Tension

Facial tension, particularly in the jaw, is associated with:

  • Anger;
  • Aggression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Stress;
  • Depression;
  • Frustration;
  • Irritation;
  • And negativity.

These are negative connotations, but you shouldn’t necessarily look at the meanings or messages as bad.

Instead, they are warnings to help you avoid unpleasant situations in the future. 

What is the Emotional Side of the Face?

The face and our emotions

The left side of the face and body is linked to emotions, and also with femininity and gentleness.

Research shows that expression and emotion is more likely to show on the left side of the face, too. 

The right side is associated with power, control, business, and more intense emotions (such as anger, passionate love, etc.)

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Spiritual Meaning of Facial Pain: 7 Secret Meanings 

Spiritual Meaning of Facial Pain

It’s time for us to break down the spiritual meanings of facial pain, of which there are a few.

As you read this, you might find that something feels super relatable for some/any reason. If that’s the case, it’s likely that you’ve just found the meaning or message meant for you. 

1) A Sense of Incompletion

Pain in the face could be an indication that something in your life is yet to be completed.

Maybe it’s a relationship with “the one that got away,” or a childhood career goal that you can’t stop thinking about… but something isn’t quite finished yet.

It’s playing on your soul, spirit, and health, so it’s definitely time to finish it off. 

2) Blocked Third Eye Chakra

As previously mentioned, facial pain and other facial-based medical issues go hand-in-hand with the Third Eye chakra when it is blocked or disrupted.

You will probably see the following emotional, mental, and physiological symptoms if your Third Eye chakra is unaligned or blocked: 

  • Missing or reduced gut instinct/intuition;
  • Limited thought processes;
  • Negative thinking;
  • Bad spiritual connections;
  • Headaches in the center of the forehead;
  • Increased anxiety, depression, or stress;
  • Flare-ups of existing conditions;
  • Lack of concentration or focus;
  • Light sensitivity;
  • Blurred or distorted vision;
  • Insomnia or oversleeping.

You can realign or unblock the Third Eye chakra by repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis, pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal for guidance, go outside and spend some time in nature, painting or other creative hobbies, and intuitive breathing with yoga. 

Visualizing the color purple can help bring peace to the Third Eye chakra, and scents such as lavender or peppermint are useful, too.

Great crystals for Third Eye chakra balancing include amethyst and lapis lazuli. 

3) Lingering Unforgiveness

Constant facial pain suggests that you have an issue with forgiveness – either giving or receiving. Maybe you need to forgive yourself?

Holding grudges won’t get you anywhere.

The energy you waste on being unforgiving, especially when it no longer impacts you, is energy that would be much better spent on improving yourself, practicing spirituality, and having a little more love.

Every grudge or hateful ideation you have reduces your happiness by distorting any potential good energies that come your way

4) You Need Comfort

If you have sore lips, a sore nose, sore cheeks, or sore anything else that is what other people would see on your face, you might need a little comfort.

In the same way that you would put ChapStick on dry, peeling, and cracked lips, you need to put some comfort on that sore soul of yours. 

What brings you comfort? That’s what you need right now. Your soul is telling you that. 

5) Do the Thing You’re Putting Off

If your facial pain is a constant dull ache that won’t go away, you might want to start thinking about doing that thing you’ve been putting off.

Physical aches and pains for seemingly no reason can very often be a sign that the Universe, your angels, or something/somewhere else is trying to get hold of you.

Perhaps you’ve missed a few spiritual signs or symbols.

Either way, that dull ache will keep aching until you finally get the thing done.

Just do it. Will it really take you that long? 

6) Refusal to Face Yourself

If you have a tendency to suffer from migraines, there’s a part of you that you’re trying to eradicate, but it won’t let you.

There’s a reason for that: you haven’t faced it, understood it, or processed it yet.

Until you have done those things, whatever you’re running from will continue to catch up with you. 

Perhaps you have a personality trait that’s seen as flawed, or an inability to do something, or even constant attempts to avoid accepting something about yourself. Whatever it is, you need to face it.

You can’t grow and evolve if you don’t learn something from your life. 

7) Reconnect with Yourself

Several cultures believe in the idea that forehead-based pain, lung pain, or headaches are linked to self, ego, and spirit.

It points in the direction of a need for introspection to re-find your goals and life destiny and get back on your way. 

There’s a separation between you, your mind, emotions, body, soul, and/or spirit. The best way to resolve this issue is to practice self-love and self-care, use positive affirmations about yourself, and seek guidance from the Universe of your angels. 

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Each area of the face holds its own spiritual meanings and associations, and no two spiritual messages are the same – which can make interpretation difficult.

Thankfully, that’s why I’m here: to help you on the path to understanding your body, and the spirituality that’s behind it. 

Listen to your soul, your body, and your heart when it tells you that something is wrong.

Those weird feelings are there for a reason; it’s your soul’s way of protecting itself. 

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