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Spiritual Meaning of Kidney Pain: 7 Spiritual Messages 

Spiritual Meaning of Kidney Pain: 7 Spiritual Messages 

Today I will reveal the spiritual meaning of kidney pain and some spiritual causes of this pain.

We’ve all heard of how important kidneys are for our bodies. When our kidneys fail us, then it means that we are close to death if they are not replaced.

Sadly, kidneys are not easily replaced. There’s a long list of patients who are waiting for a kidney so they can have a transplant.

I also read some time ago that in third-world countries some people would sell off their kidneys because of their poverty.

This is why I take good care of my health as I am scared that one day my kidney might fail me. I used to be so scared when I felt kidney pain. My fear stopped when I started studying the spiritual meaning of things. 

Finally, I have some clarity on why people experience kidney pain and why many times there are no underlying physical or medical causes for this pain.

What Does Kidney Pain Represent Spiritually?

Kidney pain in spiritual world

Kidney pain represents the blessings that can be taken from us at times

Sadly, most of us take for granted the gifts given to us by the ones above. Too often we get fixated on the things we want but still do not have.

In our prayers, we keep asking for more, failing to understand that we already have what we need.

When there’s kidney pain, then it is a message from the ones above of how important it is to be grateful for the basics that we have.

Our kidneys for example are blessings that we do not see but are essential for living. 

We may take for granted the fact that we have this gift and instead focus on what we do not have at the moment.

But when our kidneys are in trouble, like in need of replacement or constant care, that’s when we realize how blessed we are to have this organ or other rings in life that we need to live.

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Spiritual meaning of right kidney pain

Man with right kidney pain

When your right kidney hurts, then this is heaven’s way of telling you to stop the wasteful practices.

The message is similar to the function of the right kidney which is to remove the excess fluid as well as wastes from your body.

When you have pain in your right kidney then this is likely caused by heaven’s desire for you to be mindful of your wasted resources.

It is a rebuke for wasting blessings that were given to you while others have fewer privileges than you.

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Spiritual meaning of left kidney pain

Woman with left kidney pain

Biologically, the left kidney is responsible for filtering the blood.

The spiritual message of having left kidney pain is quite close as it is a sign to filter your circles.

What this means is that the heavens want you to filter the people who have access to your time and energy. Those who drain you of your energy or leave you feeling unwanted are better off in your circles.

The left kidney pain is a sign for you to review the people you hang out with.

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Spiritual Meaning Dreaming of Kidney Pain

Kidney pain during our dreams

There are different spiritual meanings of when you dream of kidney pain:

  • When you dream of left kidney pain, then this is a sign to be more active physically. This could be heaven’s reminder that our bodies are temples that need to be looked after.
  • When you dream of right kidney pain, then this is a sign to eat balanced and healthy meals as too much sugar or acid is bad for internal organs including kidneys.
  • When you dream of kidney pain but can’t distinguish which side, then this could be a sign to take care of your overall well-being. These include your mental and physical health.
  • When you dream of pain near your kidney, but don’t know which organ, then this could be a warning of some minor illness coming your way or your family.

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Spiritual Meaning of Kidney Pain: 7 Messages 

Spiritual Meaning of Kidney Pain

1) New skill

When you are experiencing some kidney pain, this could be a sign that you will be learning a new skill or mastering a present one.

You may have been wanting and waiting for some time to dabble into something new like learning a sport or musical instrument but somehow never got around to learning it.

This time, by some fortunate circumstances, you will soon be able to learn a new skill.

2) Value loyalty

When you are having some kidney pain, then this could be a sign from the heavens to value loyalty.

You need to check who has been loyal to you and how you have rewarded their loyalty.

The kidney pain is a sign from the heavens to take the time out to say thank you and reward the people who have been loyal to us.

3) Say thank you

The kidney pain can be a sign to say thank you to those around us who love us.

Too many times we forget to say thanks to those who do us good deeds or stay by our side all the time.

Sadly, many of us take for granted those people who stayed with us even during difficult times or those who defended us when others said nasty things behind our backs.

We are so busy living hectic lives that we forget to show how grateful we are to those who love us.

4) A sign of protection

When your kidney hurts, then this could be heaven’s way of telling you that you are being protected.

All of us need protection from various elements.The pain in your kidney is a reminder from the ones above that you have their protection. 

Regardless of who tries to hurt you—humans, spirits, or other elements—the ones above will always be ready to ward them off.

You may get hurt when others harm you but this doesn’t mean that you lack protection.

5) A sign of healing

It may sound counterintuitive but kidney pain could also be a sign of healing.

If your body seems to be under attack lately or you have been generally feeling ill, and your kidney hurts, then it is a sign that healing will be coming your way soon.

This could be heaven’s way of assuring you that you won’t be left alone when you are sick. The ones above are aware of your pain or illness.

Trust that the ones above will bring healing to your body and soul when you are sick.

6) A small gift

When you are experiencing some minor kidney pain, then this could be a signal from the heavens that you will soon be getting a small gift.

This isn’t anything extravagant like winning the lottery but a small blessing that would put a smile on your face.

Someone, for example, may be doing a nice deed for you like giving you flowers or doing some errands you didn’t have time to do.

Your family may also treat you to something nice. Be open to this nice little gift from the heavens.

7) Sickness in the family

When your kidney hurts, then this could be a sign that soon a member of the family will fall ill.

This illness will cause you and your loved ones some hardships.

The heavens are telling you to prepare for this coming illness as it can test your family’s patience.

The ones above are warning you and at the same time assuring you that you can handle this challenge.

Is this pain a bad spiritual sign for me?

About this spiritual sign

Yes, you should be concerned when there is some kidney pain.

Aside from the possible medical reason you must also consider that this pain comes with a spiritual message that the heavens want you to know right away.


Kidney pain can be worrying and uncomfortable. But have faith as this could also be heaven’s way of either warning you or bringing some good news.

Make sure you listen to what the ones above are trying to tell you when your kidney hurts.

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