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Spiritual Meaning Of Mouth Pain: 7 Spiritual Reasons

Spiritual Meaning Of Mouth Pain: 7 Spiritual Reasons

Some weeks back, I had this pain in my mouth. But it was no ordinary pain as I could not exactly pinpoint what was causing the pain. 

It didn’t seem like it was the gums that were hurting nor was the source of pain any tooth. My mouth just felt like it was tired and like someone forced it open and left it open for hours. 

I thought of going to the dentist but it was a Sunday so I just slept through the pain. 

Fortunately, after a long nap of two hours, my mouth felt better. I was no longer feeling the same discomfort I felt earlier that day.

Fast forward, and I think I have an idea of why my mouth hurt. I had a nasty argument with a close friend where some hurtful words were said days after the pain and it seemed that the mouth pain I experienced was a warning of some sort.

There are other reasons for one’s mouth pain other than medical ones. And in this post, I’d like to talk about the spiritual meaning of mouth pain.

Spiritual Meaning of Mouth Pain

pain on left side face

Spiritually, mouth pain is a reminder of the importance of words. It is heaven’s way of telling us that words have meanings and can be very powerful.

Mouth pain is then a reminder from the ones above to be careful with our words and how we use them. 

Consider these things when you are experiencing some mouth pain:

  • The heavens want us to know that words are powerful because they can encourage or hurt others;
  • What comes out of our mouths cannot be taken back;
  • How we say things matters, too;
  • Words are not the only way to communicate because other gestures can be just as effective as words.

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What Does Roof of Mouth Pain Mean Spiritually?

Chin Pain Spiritual Meaning

Sometimes it won’t be the entire mouth that would be in pain. At times, it would just be the teeth, gums, or roof of the mouth.

When the roof of the mouth hurts, then this is a message from the heavens that every component or part matters

This means that one cannot dismiss the importance of another organ, person, entry, organization, or unit.

he roof-of-mouth pain is a reminder from the one above that we all have roles to play.

If you are at a stage in your life where you are questioning your importance, and the roof of your mouth hurts, then this is a sign that you have an important role to play in this world.

No one, including you, should belittle your place in this world. You are here for a reason just like the rest of the people and things in this world.

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Spiritual Meaning of Teeth Pain

woman with pain in face

Teeth pain also has spiritual meanings depending on which part or tooth hurts.

Front tooth:

When your front tooth hurts, then this is a reminder to eat well but not excessively.

The heavens are reminding us to be well nourished but never to become gluttons.

As such, when your front teeth hurt then think of how you eat and if you are indulging in gluttony or not.


Wisdom tooth naturally hurts but there is a spiritual message when you experience pain in this tooth.

It means that the heavens are warning you to be careful with your decisions.

You need to balance what your mind and heart are telling you when you are about to make a decision.


When your molars are hurting then consider this a sign to pray more.

Perhaps the heavens have noticed how little you pray or how insincere your prayers are.

Reflect on your prayers when your molar hurts because the heavens may be telling you to be more prayerful or more sincere in praying.

7 Spiritual Reasons for Mouth Pain

pain in jaw an tooth

1) Learn something new

Mouth pain can be a sign from the one above that you will be learning something new soon.

You may, for example, be enrolled by someone you are looking for in music lessons or asked to join a new sports club or team.

You may also be asked to upskill or master a certain skill or field. Your work, for instance, may pay for your advanced or Masterclasses or enroll you in an advanced degree program.

2) Lack of flexibility

The pain in your mouth can be a reflection of your lack of flexibility.

The ones above are noting how inflexible you have become these last few weeks and years, and want you to change that.

The mouth pain is heaven’s way of telling you to be more adaptable in life. This means having the ability to adjust well to changes even when they are thrown at you at the last minute or if the situations are unexpected.

3) Release old habits

Mouth pain can be a message from the universe that you need to release old habits.

The supreme being must have noticed how your old habits have become obstacles to your growth, especially in your spiritual journey.

When your mouth hurts, think of the habits that are keeping you from growing as a person.

Think of the routines and attitudes that have kept you away from the person that you have always wanted to be.

4) Make room for good things

The mouth pain can be a positive sign that good things are coming your way.

Sending you this pain is heaven’s way of telling you to make room for good things you soon will receive.

The ones above want you to prepare your heart and mind for the good things they will be sending your way soon.

They want you to enjoy and make the most of the good things coming your way so you can also be well prepared to receive and use them to help others.

5) Feeling of helplessness

The mouth pain you are feeling could be a reflection of your helplessness.

You may be at a point in your life where you are unsure of whether you can survive the current challenges you are facing.

Sending you the mouth pain is heaven’s way of telling you that all will be well. Just hang in there and the ones above will make sure that you get over the humps of life.

6) Something regretful

You may want to brace yourself when you are feeling some mouth pain.

This could be a sign from the heavens that you will soon do something that you are likely to regret for a long time.

You may want to think carefully before any actions or decisions.

Consider praying to the ones above for guidance in whatever you do so you may avoid doing something you might regret.

7) Hurtful words

I had a heated argument with a friend a few days after my mouth hurt.

My friend and I were having a nice lunch when we touched on a subject that seemed to divide us.

We then had a heated argument, which sadly also ended with both of us saying hurtful things to each other.

My friend and I have not spoken since then. And so when your mouth hurts, this could also be a sign that you will soon be either saying hurtful words or receiving them.

Is Painful Mouth a Bad Sign?

woman in pain

Sometimes a painful mouth can be a sign of something negative that’s about to come your way.

But other times it is simply a way for the heavens to tell you something important quickly and effectively.

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A painful mouth can be quite worrying and even discomforting. But take heart when you are experiencing this pain.

Chances are the ones above have something important to say to you.

This is heaven’s way of getting your attention so you will listen and heed the messages from the ones above.

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