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Spiritual Meaning of Psoas Pain: 5 Special Messages For You

Spiritual Meaning of Psoas Pain

I met up with a friend for coffee the other day. She came from her yoga class and that surprised me a bit. 

My friend, after all, used to hate any kind of exercise. I remember how I used to invite her to attend exercise classes or go running but she would always refuse. Exercise was not her thing, she said.

She had psoas pain recently she explained and the doctors recommended she do frequent yoga to help her manage the pain.

This is why she started doing yoga even if she was the last person on earth to exercise. There was something else she discovered, she said.

The heavens were trying to tell her something with the psoas pain she experienced and this is why she invited me to get coffee. 

We had a lovely chat that day and she made me promise to write about this conversation where I must expound on the spiritual meaning of psoas pain.

What Does Psoas Represent Spiritually?

pain in back

The psoas is a group of muscles that runs through the spine, the pelvis, and the femur.

I have heard many medical practitioners refer to psoas as the connector of the lower and upper body. What it represents spiritually isn’t far off either.

Spiritually, psoas stand for connections that we need in our lives.

These pretty much encompass many things as the connections can be:

  • The connection of our mind and body;
  • Our connections with the ones above;
  • Our relationships with family, friends, workmates, etc;
  • Our relationship with nature.

When you think of psoas, then this of your connections with people, your creator, or nature. Make sure that these connections are strong and can pass any challenges.

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What is the Biblical Meaning of Psoas Pain?

Woman with left kidney pain

The biblical meaning of psoas pain is treating people well.

When this part of the body hurts, then take this as a sign from the heavens to treat other people the way you want to be treated. 

You may want to consider these things when you feel some psoas pain:

  • The heavens are reminding you to stop the conceit and quit thinking that you are better than others. The psoas pain may be a warning for now but later the heavens may take more drastic actions to end your conceit;
  • The psoas pain may be because the ones above want you to know that you should focus on improving areas of yourself that you dislike rather than pretending to be a different person;
  • Think of what has been coming out of your mouth lately and whether your words are kind or not;
  • The psoas pain should make you think of your habits that are not spiritually pleasing to the ones above or other people.

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How To Emotionally Release The Psoas?

releasing psoas muscle pain

It is believed that emotionally releasing psoas requires the strength to stand up for your beliefs

Perhaps you are at a phase in your life where you are tempted to hide or keep silent on your beliefs.

But the psoas pain may be heaven’s way of telling you to be firm on your beliefs and doing so will release the psoas and even end the pain.

The heavens are reminding you that like psoas pain, standing firm on your beliefs can be quite challenging but it is the right decision to make.

This is a sign from the ones above to not waiver on your beliefs and principles but rather to stick to them.

You may want to pray for courage to stand up for your beliefs especially when the urge to keep silent seems to be overwhelming.

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7 Spiritual Meaning of Psoas Pain

woman stretching legs

1) A reflection of your trauma

The psoas pain you are feeling is likely a reflection of your trauma.

There must have been something in your past that hurt you or continues to haunt you. The heavens are well aware of this trauma and are sending you psoas pain as an acknowledgment of your trauma.

This may also be heaven’s way of telling you to get the help that you need to address this trauma. You may want to pray harder, seek out a professional, talk to friends, or do journaling. 

The ones above want you to be rid of this trauma, which is why they are acknowledging your pain.

2) Take care of your body

When you are feeling pain in the psoas, then this is a sign from the universe to take good care of your body.

The ones above are likely concerned over your lack of care for your physical being and so they want to remind you of the importance of taking care of the body.

The psoas pain can be felt in various parts of the body being the connector of the upper and lower body.

Psoas pain can lead to knee and lower back pain, chest breathing, and even constipation. 

The heavens want to remind you that failing to take care of your body or one part of it can cause you more problems.

3) A ghost nearby

The psoas pain you may be feeling is a sign that a ghost is nearby. This ghost is not necessarily out to harm you or your loved ones.

It may simply be hovering around your home or wherever you are.

There is no need to panic or worry excessively as the ghost will not be bringing bad luck.

You may choose to pray for additional protection from the ones above but this is not a spiritual attack. 

The pain is simply a sign that a ghost is near you and may even be feeling playful around you.

4) Achievement unlocked

The psoas pain you may be feeling is a good sign that you will be unlocking an achievement.

Soon, you will reach a goal that you have been working hard for quite some time.

The psoas pain may be a reflection of what you had to go through to get to where you want. Just like anyone who has a dream, you have to experience pain and hardships to get to your goal. 

The pain may also be a reminder and encouragement from the heavens to simply keep going because you will get to where you want to be soon.

5) An accident in the family

The psoas pain you are feeling may be a sign from the heavens that something bad will happen to you or your family, in particular, an accident.

You may want to brace yourself for some pain or hardships in the next few weeks.

The accident could be minor or major and could involve you or the people you love.

Praying to the heavens to keep you away from harm can help to prevent this accident or aid you in coping with the aftermath.

The pain could also be heaven’s way of telling you to have faith.

Is This a Message From Heaven?

stretching muscle legs yoga

The psoas pain you are feeling could be coming from the heavens.

The supreme being is likely either sending you a warning or reminding you of important life lessons.

Do not ignore the pain as the messages from the ones above need your quick and utmost attention.

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Psoas pain may be quite uncomfortable or really hard to deal with but more than the pain, you should also concentrate on the messages being brought to you.

After all, the heavens have sent you this pain as a way to guide you on living a more spiritually pleasing life.

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