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Sternum Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Hidden Messages

Sternum Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Hidden Messages

What is the spiritual meaning of feeling sternum pain? Let’s find out!

The sternum is a segment of bone that protects precious and important organs – the lungs and heart.

Damage or pain in that area can be seen as significant, as it could be a sign of serious medical conditions such as heart attacks, acid reflux, arthritis, swelling and inflammation, and more.

If you subscribe to the idea that pain and illness have spiritual causes, getting to the bottom of things would, in turn, resolve the issue. 

So, let’s do that, shall we? 

Sternum Pain Spiritual Meaning

Man with sternum pain

Sternum pain can be spiritually representative of several things, including heartache or heartbreak, no balance in certain aspects or areas of your life, and blocked chakras.

There’s a chance it could be all of those things at once, and then some. 

What else is going on in your life? What’s going to happen in the future, and what’s recently happened in your past?

Those things are all going to be important, alongside the spiritual messages or symbols themselves.

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What Does the Sternum Represent Spiritually? 

Woman with sternum pain

In religious circles, the sternum is related to a feeling of righteousness.

We also can’t forget that Eve was made from Adam’s rib, which is connected to the other ribs by way of the sternum.

Its main function is to work with the ribs to protect the precious organs – and specifically, your heart, but it also works as part of your support system.

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What Emotions Are Held in the Sternum? 

Sternum and spiritual emotions

The sternum covers a few different areas of the body technically, including the heart, lungs, ribs, spine, and more.

Emotions held in those areas are slightly different, but are usually related to things such as:

  • Love;
  • Heartbreak;
  • Passion;
  • Suppression (of emotions);
  • Life force.

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Sternum Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Hidden Messages in Your Pain

Sternum Pain Spiritual Meaning

Take a second to stop, breathe in, and let go of everything that’s in your mind. It must be empty and open before you can start to interpret your spiritual messages; otherwise, the interpretation you get, might not be the right one for you

Write down as much about your pain as you can remember, such as when it happens, how it feels, and what kind of score you’d give it out of 10.

Those little details are important, and the more you remember, the easier it will be to decipher the message. 

Now, let’s get into the meanings. 

1) A Sense of Imbalance

The sternum helps to connect the left and right ribs, using cartilage, which represents a connection between your mind and your spirit.

When you have pain in that area, it could symbolize a disconnect between the two things, or a change in balance so that it is no longer healthy. 

Have you been neglecting your spiritual side recently? Has your mind been taken over by something else?

You need to get to the bottom of whatever is out of balance, and then rebalance it. 

2) Feeling Unsure About Your Identity

Pain in your sternum could indicate an issue with your heart, or something at the very heart of you – your identity.

This uncertainty can come in many forms and will look different for each individual person but will have something to do with one’s sense of self. 

Perhaps your faith isn’t as strong as it once was, or you’re shedding a part of yourself that you no longer need.

Something is changing deep down inside of you, and although that can leave you feeling unsure for right now, it could mean good, positive, and confident things in the future. Change is good sometimes! 

3) Blocked or Not Aligned Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, also known as Anahata in Sanskrit, is located right in the middle of the chest, just above where the sternum is.

When it is blocked, not properly aligned, or otherwise disrupted, you might experience pain or discomfort in the heart, sternum, lungs, or anywhere else in the heart chakra area. 

One of the best, quickest, and simplest ways of realigning or unblocking your heart chakra is to perform yoga, but you can also meditate, and balance the in-out flow of energy with breathing exercises. 

4) Incoming Conflict

Your sternum pain spiritual meaning could be more of a message – or, rather, a warning.

Perhaps there’s conflict in your future, or you’re going to find yourself in a position where you feel conflicted with yourself. 

This doesn’t sound very pleasant, but a warning is something you can take and then use to your advantage.

If you know that conflict is coming, you can take steps to diffuse the situation before it has a chance to blow up

5) You Should Protect Your Heart

The sternum’s job is to protect the main organs of the body, including the heart.

This organ is the center of your emotions, and it is where you feel love, heartbreak, and others. Experiencing pain in the sternum could mean that your heart is in danger of getting broken – and now always in a love/relationship sense. 

If you’re jumping into a relationship too quickly, sternum pain could be a spiritual message suggesting that you don’t jump

Have you fallen in love with a new puppy? That pain might be indicative of heartbreak in that area, such as someone else getting there before you do. 

Maybe you’ve got your heart set on a new job, or travel, or a baby, or even something else in life… and maybe you’re going to be disappointed about it? (Sorry.)

6) Your Emotions Are Under Attack

For some, pain in the sternum is representative of your emotions coming under attack.

They aren’t under attack from YOU, though.

Instead, they are being attacked by someone else. It might be the case that someone or people are telling you that you’re not allowed to feel the way you do, or your emotions are being mocked and belittled by someone.

For some, it might even mean gaslighting from a friend, relative, acquaintance, or loved one. 

7) A Lack of Support or Strength

Alongside protecting the vital organs from damage, the sternum is also somewhat responsible for holding you up. It’s your support system, in a sense, and without that part plus the other parts of your skeleton, you have movement, can stand up and walk around, etc

When you experience pain or injury in the sternum, the support system or strength that you have in your physical life might be waning.

You might feel as though you don’t have the support network you once had, or wished you had.

Whatever the case, you’re in need of support or strength and you don’t have it.

Have you asked for it?

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Spiritual messages, meanings, warnings, and symbols are very personal. Bees mean something to me, but they don’t mean anything to my mother.

Robins (the birds) mean something to her instead. We’re all different, and those spiritual messages that we get regularly (but perhaps don’t notice) are going to matter or seem relevant to you and you alone

Do any of the points in this post mean anything to you? If one stands out, perhaps you need to explore it a little further. I thoroughly recommend starting a journal, in which you can write all the signs and symbols you get but don’t yet understand. Over time, who knows? You might find all the answers. 

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  1. Doris Vanessa Gonzalez

    A car hit my car on 12/26/2023 but because I was lining on the side of the car taking snow. The impact, made it so I got hit by my car it the middle of the chest. This made my the middle chest bone Crack making it so now I feel imbalance. I don’t feel the same. I was hit right on the heart charkra. I am no longer in physical pain. But I feel imbalance. Like my spirit came out of my body. Do you know for how long will I feel like this???yoga takes time.

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