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Stomach Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs From the Heavens 

Stomach Pain Spiritual Meaning

I once had a lengthy chat with a gastroenterologist or a doctor who has undergone specialized medical training in illnesses and conditions concerning the stomach, liver, intestines, rectum, and colon.

This doctor was a good friend and over lunch, we had a lengthy discussion about the stomach.

I recently experienced some stomach pain and was diagnosed with acid reflux. It was partly because of my lifestyle, my doctor friend said.

To which, I told her that there were other reasons for my stomach pain and problems aside from the medical reasons.

She could not understand, my friend said. Then I told her that there are spiritual causes for my stomach pain and I went on to explain the possibility of stomach pain’s spiritual meaning.

What Does The Stomach Represent Spiritually?

Bladder Pain Spiritual Meaning

The stomach spiritually represents nourishment. This isn’t only about what we eat but nourishment is about what we feed our mind, body, and soul.

The stomach represents nourishment in all aspects of our lives.

  • The stomach may represent what we feed our bodies. Do you eat good quality and nutritious food?
  • The stomach also represents what we feed our minds. Do you consume media or materials that add to our knowledge or help us make informed choices?
  • This organ may also spiritually represent what we feed our souls. Do you consume materials and goods that help you live spiritually pleasing lives?

The stomach may also represent how we live our lives and whether ways are spiritually pleasing.

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Spiritual Meaning of Bloated Stomach

stomach pain

A bloated stomach spiritually means the excesses you have in your life that are doing you no good. Think about it, many times a bloated stomach is a sign of our excess intake of unnecessary food or drinks or the presence of a blockage. 

Having a bloated stomach is a sign from the heavens to cut the unnecessary things in your life.

This could be food like junk food or alcoholic drinks. You could stop consuming media that does little for your life like excessively violent films or videos maligning people.

You may also cut off people whom you think are causing you to sin or hurt other people. 

A bloated stomach should make you reflect on the excesses or unnecessary food, things, drinks, or people who do you no good or only cause you harm.

You need to cut them off like you would empty the unnecessary things from the bloated stomach.

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Stomach Spasms Spiritual Meaning

pain stomach

Spiritually, stomach spasms are a reflection of your anxiety and stress.

You are getting the spasms as you are worried about your present circumstances as well as what tomorrow may bring. 

The stomach spasm is a manifestation of your constant worry about what is happening and what may or may not happen in the next few days.

This is also a sign of your lack of faith. Your body is showing signs of stress because you are unable to fully trust the ones above.

Your body, in a way, is suffering because you do not have steadfast faith that things will happen according to the supreme being’s plan.

When you are having stomach spasms, then think of your possible sources of worry and stress and pray about them.

Ask the ones above for guidance and strength to overcome whatever hardships will come your way.

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Gas In Stomach Spiritual Meaning

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The gas in your stomach spiritually is a reflection of your lack of substance or knowledge.

The heavens have likely noticed how you tend to speak first without thinking thoroughly about what you are trying to say or how you do not take the time to gain more knowledge.

Instead, you speak of things as if you are highly knowledgeable on the topics but you know little.

The ones above want you to stop doing this; speaking and pretending like you know much when you know so little. Speaking without substance is like passing gas.

It causes people discomfort and yet these people whom you have made uncomfortable gained nothing when you spoke or passed gas.

Feed your mind then with useful information or arm yourself with knowledge and work on what you know. This is the spiritual meaning of gas in your stomach.

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7 Stomach Pain Spiritual Meanings

woman sitting in pain

1) Know your limits

When you have stomach pain, then this could be heaven’s way of telling you to know your limits.

The ones above have likely noticed your lack of self-control or your penchant for pushing your luck in many situations.

The universe through the stomach pain is telling you to not indulge yourself excessively by learning when to stop or say no.

This could mean knowing your limits on food or alcohol intake or adventures. You are also probably being prodded to say no to excessive work or other engagements.

This could be heaven’s way of reminding you that your mind, body, and spirit can only take so much and so you must know your limits too.

2) An embarrassment

That pain in your tummy can be a sign that you may be caught up in an embarrassing situation or circumstances.

This will make you feel a whole range of emotions such as sadness, disappointment, inadequacy, or awkwardness. This embarrassing situation may make you feel like hiding from the rest of the world.

At the same time, the stomach pain is also a reminder from the heavens that regardless of the embarrassment, the ones above still care and want what’s best for you. So do the people who love you.

There will be support from the heavens and your friends and family even when you have caused embarrassment to yourself and your family.

3) A big recognition

The stomach pain you are experiencing could also be a message from the heavens that soon you will receive a major recognition.

This can come in the form of promotion at work where the bosses and management will reward you for your great work and service by giving you higher pay and position.

The big recognition could be a medal at school or for winning a competition. It could also be an award from church, work, or other social engagements.

The stomach pain could be heaven’s way of telling you that all your hard work will be paying off soon.

4) Continue following your dreams

The pain in your stomach can be a sign from the heavens to continue following your dreams.

You may be at a point in your life where you are questioning whether you are on the right path and whether what you are pursuing is still worthy of your energy and time.

When you are feeling this way and you experience some stomach pain, then take this to mean that you are on the right path and you must continue chasing your dreams.

The ones above are encouraging you to go on your journey even if you may be feeling lost or discouraged.

5) Remain loyal

The stomach pain you are feeling could be heaven’s way of telling you to remain loyal.

The current situation or the difficulties you may be facing may tempt you to switch sides but the universe is telling you otherwise. The stomach pain is a message to stay loyal to a person, cause, or organization.

If you find yourself doubting whether it’s time to abandon your beliefs or the person or entity you are with and you feel stomach pain, then take this as a message to remain loyal.

6) More energy

You may be feeling some stomach pain now but this could be a sign that in the next coming days or weeks, you will have more energy.

Perhaps you have been feeling sluggish, or your progress is a bit slow, then you have this stomach pain. 

Rather than feel bad about this pain, you may want to consider that the ones above are telling you that you will soon have more energy.

This means that you can finish tasks faster than the usual time it takes for you to do the task.

Your body may be able to take less sleep so you can finish more tasks, especially those that are urgent.

7) Pray more

When you experience some stomach pain, then take the time to reflect on how you pray. This could be heaven’s way of reminding you to pray more.

The ones above may have noticed how you have either stopped praying or that you are now praying much less.

The universe is telling you by sending you stomach pain the importance of prayers and how they can move mountains.

Should I Be Concerned?

woman trying to relax

Yes, you should be concerned when you have stomach pain.

Aside from the discomfort and the possible medical problem, stomach pain is also the heavens’ way of telling you something important.

You must be discerning about what the ones above are trying to tell you.


Stomach pain may be one of the most dreaded sensations to be felt by anyone.

Aside from seeking immediate relief from the pain, you must also reflect deeply on its spiritual meaning. 

Sometimes, the cause of stomach pain may also be spiritual because the ones above are insisting on telling you something.

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