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Temple Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages For You

Temple Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages For You

Feel a sharp stinging pain in your temple area?

Well, SURPRISE SURPRISE, it’s a spiritual sign you’re stressing out yourself too much!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about temple pain and how your everyday life choices or company may become a potential cause of it. 

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Temple Pain Spiritual Meaning

Woman with temple pain

Feeling temple pain is somewhat linked with excessive burden over your shoulders. In most cases, it’s caused by an overload of responsibilities, objectives, and peer pressure constantly tormenting you from head to toe

Though facing pressuring situations once in a while is a good thing as it trains your mind to function optimally and become stronger, too much of this pressure over a long period of time can be damaging, and….

That’s sort of what you may be dealing with here. 

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Temple Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Causes and Signs

Temple Pain Spiritual Meaning

1) Give Your Mind Some Rest

Yeah…you have to work, make money, take care of important commitments, give time to your family, and do so much more, I know. But, right now, your mind needs some time for itself. 

If you’ve been dealing with temple pain consistently for some time now, it means a break from stress and worldly duties is long overdue. Make plans to hit the road, go hike somewhere up a steep hill, spend time with pleasant company, and just do what relaxes your mind to the fullest. 

Although it may seem daunting to pack up and plan fun trips when you’ve got too much to take care of, trust me when I say you’ll return fresher and stronger to deal with even more challenges life throws your way. 

2) You’ve Made A Bad Decision

Temple pain can also suggest that you’ve made the wrong decision either because of impulse or just not being thoughtful enough.

And, yes, this can be ANY single one of your recent decisions whether big or small!

Wrong decisions obviously come with consequences and the universe could be signaling you to brace yourself for the forthcoming trouble that one wrong decision might bring into your life.

3) Negative Energy In Your Environment

Oftentimes, pain can symbolize the presence of bad energies in your surroundings either stemming off of people or supernatural entities. 

Your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances can all emit negative energy that may poison your environment as well as your mind.

You may start to feel extremely unmotivated, distracted, and mentally disturbed because of it as bad energy usually has that effect on the mind. 

To deal with this, only surround yourself with a limited number of people whom you trust wholeheartedly, and just don’t be a part of social circles that smell like bad energy from miles away!

If your temple starts to pain and ache when there’s no one around, it’s probably a good idea to avoid that place altogether as there may be some sort of evil supernatural energy in that area.

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4) Oversensitive

Yes, I know you might be shocked to hear this but…temple pain is actually believed to symbolize an oversensitive nature!

If this kind of pain is extremely common for you, you may often find yourself getting all emotional because of someone’s insignificant remark or action and being hurt at the tiniest of things.

People around you may refrain from telling you things not because they don’t trust you but because you may overreact and not take something as lightly as it should be taken

Though it may sound a little harsh, your temple pain might be a sign that you should change this negative angle of your personality as your inner self has just had too much of it. 

5) Disappointment

Temple pain can also stem from deep internal disappointment that has been sitting inside you for too long.

It may be a friend you never expected to leave suddenly breaking your heart or last-minute cancellation of a summer plan because your partner wasn’t in the mood.

Any kind of disappointment that you don’t let out and communicate is said to contribute to possible temple pain. 

6) Struggling With Memory

Since your temple is located just near the brain, any sort of pain in that area might hint at possible dysfunction, especially with memory

This means you might often forget things that happened recently and even those that took place long ago. You fight your memory every day to try and remember little glimpses of happiness or sadness from your life but your mind may fail to perceive those moments as real memories that actually took place. 

Now, dealing with this problem is up to you as an individual since only you can know if your memory weakness comes from genuine dysfunctionality or past trauma/abuse.

Just remember to always be gentle and patient with yourself in the process as it’s a very important part of your life you’re dealing with.

7) Ruined Spiritual Awakening!

For some people, achieving spiritual awakening can be a day-and-night struggle to somehow connect with the unseen realm of guidance.

However, for some lucky folks like you, spiritual awakening can come by surprise but be ruined by an evil inside of you

Your temple pain may be a potential sign that the negative energy, hatred, and bad intentions you cultivate within are hindering your process of spiritual awakening and causing you to float astray from the right path.

Therefore, if you want the light bad enough, you’ll want to mend this part of yourself first!

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: temple pain is NOT something that can randomly pop up and be gotten rid of overnight. It’s weeks and months of mental overstraining that leads you there. 

So, to undo the damage that pressure has caused to you, it may be best to take notes from the pain and interpret it in a way that allows you to find spiritual answers suited to YOUR circumstances.

Also, if you couldn’t exactly figure it out, temple pain isn’t always this bad thing that only means there’s chaos in your life. I mean…you just read about using the pain as a tool to help simplify your life and navigate through unnecessary burdens….

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