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Throat Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Causes for You 

Throat Pain Spiritual Meaning: 7 Causes for You 

Some weeks back, I experienced a major throat pain. I could not talk, eat, or even drink some water. I went to the doctor who said it was laryngitis.

I can remember feeling so scared about it. The throat pain, after all, can be a symptom of something more complicated or serious. Fortunately, in my case, it wasn’t. But this led me to ask what the heavens are trying to tell me.

And so in this post, I will talk about the spiritual meaning of throat pain, or what the spiritual cause for this pain could be for us.

What Does The Throat Symbolize Spiritually?

Woman with Throat pain

Spiritually, the throat symbolizes our freedom to communicate to the heavens as well as to other people.

This body organ is the gateway for communication and thus it is no wonder then that it also symbolizes one’s ability to freely speak his or her mind to the ones above or even people around the person.

At the same time, the throat also should remind us that our words have the power to hurt other people including our creator.

As such, we should be free to speak our thoughts but be mindful of the words we use.

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What Emotions Are Connected To Throat?

Strong pain in throat

There are different emotions connected to the throat. These are the following:

  • Anxiety– We have a choking sensation or feeling in our throat every time we feel anxious about something.
  • Disappointment– Notice how our throat seems to be closing in or getting small when we feel disappointed at something.
  • Nervousness– Our throat seems to be itchy or has a different sensation when we are feeling nervous. Many times it seems like we cannot speak because our throat won’t let us when we feel nervous.
  • Desire– When we desire something, our throats either feel absolutely dry or even wet with wanting.

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Throat Chakra Blocked Symptoms

Woman with blocked throat Chakra

Sometimes, our throat chakra can be blocked causing us some discomfort or pain in the throat. But even before we feel the discomfort in our throats there are other symptoms of blocked throat chakra.

One of the symptoms is our inability to communicate.

When our throat chakra is blocked we seem to be having more difficulties than usual in saying what we feel or think.

Another symptom of this blocked chakra is the loss of self-confidence, which means that at this time we don’t feel as capable as we used to. There’s a certain feeling of insecurity.

Other symptoms of blocked chakra include shying away from group activities. Another is a physical symptom of teeth clenching mouth muscles being uncooperative or uncomfortable.

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7 Spiritual Causes of Throat Pain

Stressed and depressed woman

1) Too much lying

If you are suffering from throat pain, then this could be heaven’s way of telling you to stop the lies.

The ones above are lily displeased about the lies that have been coming out of your mouth and how you even take the time and the energy to spread their lies.

When your throat hurts, then ask yourself whether you have been lying about something.

How often do you lie? And why do you lie?

Keep in mind that in the eyes of the heavens, there are no small or big lies. All falsehoods are lies and lying is not a good thing. 

2) Someone is saying falsehoods

When you have throat pain then consider asking around whether there is someone who is saying falsehoods about you.

The throat pain can be heaven’s way of warning you about the false things being said about you.

At the same time, you are also likely being prepared for some heartbreak as the person who is saying false things about you can be someone close or a person you trust.

3) Secrets kept for so long

Throat pain can also be a sign from the heavens that you have kept a secret for too long. It is time to speak the truth, especially to those concerned.

Do you have a secret that someone needs to know about? The throat pain could be a sign that it is time to share the secret and set yourself free.

4) Stop the gossiping

The throat pain you are experiencing may be a rebuke from the ones above for gossiping about someone.

Remember that the heavens are displeased with anyone who engages in gossiping as it does nothing good for anyone.

The throat pain is a reminder from the heavens that gossiping can be harmful. Just like the throat pain it can cause someone real pain or big losses. You may also think about how you would feel if you were the topic of other people’s gossip.

5) A new role

When you have throat pain, then this could be a sign that you will be transitioning to a new role.

This new role likely will involve a lot of talking or communication with so many other groups or people.

 This new role could be a new employment or a new task at your social group or church. The throat pain is part of heaven’s preparation for your new role.

6) A new pet

The throat pain can be a sign that you may soon have a new pet or will be a first-time pet owner.

You will then have to get used to reading body signs to know what the animal wants or needs as the pet cannot talk.

The new pet will then have a special place in your home and heart but you will need patience with it. You will need to be observant to determine what the pet needs.

7) A loved one wants to talk to you

The throat pain can be a sign that someone you love but can’t be physically with wants to talk to you.

Maybe this person is too shy to tell you how he or she needs your company or would prefer to talk to you in person.

When your throat hurts, consider who can benefit from talking to you and reach out to this person.


Throat pain can be a serious medical concern. Aside from seeing a doctor and following his or her orders, take the time as well to know what the heavens are trying to tell you. Make sure to heed the message as necessary.


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