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Smelling Vanilla Out Of Nowhere: Dead Loved One?

Smelling Vanilla Out Of Nowhere: Dead Loved One?

Have you noticed a strange vanilla smell everywhere you go lately?

Well, SURPRISE SURPRISE, God is likely planning to reward you with something beyond your imagination!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about smelling vanilla out of nowhere and the possible spiritual interpretations of it.

So, let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

What Does It Mean When You Smell Vanilla?

vanilla beans

What’s the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear the word “vanilla”?

For most people, it would be the color white. Although the actual vanilla pod itself is black.

Vanilla is associated with the color white and it represents purity, piety, and a deep love for all aspects of life.

When you smell vanilla often, it either highlights something positive about your personality or the beauty of the surroundings you may be present in. 

The smell of vanilla also glorifies the concept of divinity and it is even believed to invite wanderers or those who went astray onto God’s path!

Why Do Some People Emit A Vanilla-Like Smell Naturally?

vanilla custard

As odd as it may sound, some people can actually radiate a vanilla-like smell naturally from their bodies (or perfume, as we have already said in this article).

These people are the ones you want to be around and spend the rest of your life with as they hold a great:

  • Essence of purity;
  • Innocence;
  • Genuineness within themselves.

The vanilla smell likely stems from their inner beauty that makes them so powerfully alluring. 

It is also believed that people who inherently have an unexplainable smell of vanilla attached to them are constantly surrounded by angels and heavenly bodies.

They’re protected, guided, and kept away from all atrocities of life, maybe because they’ve earned God’s affection by serving and pleasing Him for a very long time. 

7 Beautiful Spiritual Meanings Of Smelling Vanilla

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1) Healing In Relationships

If important relationships in your past were broken due to unfortunate circumstances, the unexplainable smell of vanilla could mean reconnection and healing

This applies particularly if you pick up on the vanilla scent whenever you encounter those people in real life or are around them

It’s the spiritual world telling you that both parties will eventually heal from the disturbance of the past and will make up for it with a better stronger bond in the near future. So, don’t give up on those broken relationships just yet!

2) New Beginnings

If you’re the one to always beat yourself up for everything you did wrong in the past, a constant lingering smell of vanilla around you may be a sign that new beginnings are here

Soon, you’re going to forgive yourself for your stupid mistakes and start over a new leaf.

Although nothing will actually change in your surroundings, you’ll still view things from a new perspective and feel like an entirely different person from the inside. 

The best part about new beginnings is that you’ll have the freedom to make better choices and dictate your own worth this time around!

3) Pure and Virtuous Heart

Smelling the scent of vanilla often can signify admirable virtue and purity inside the heart

It means you’re free from all kinds of spiritual stains and God is very pleased with the state you’re in.

You shun evil vices, repel corruption, keep pride out of matters, and, most importantly, stand against all works of satan.

It’s that integrity and nobility that makes you special in the eyes of God

4) Simplicity

He’s quite a vanilla person,” said almost everyone about you. 

If there seems to be a vanilla smell constantly lingering around you, it could just be the embodiment of your simplicity

This simplicity may be reflected in your habits, choices in life, diet, entertainment sources, and even relationships!

It suggests that you’re not too involved in chasing after flashy objects and instead only indulge in things and pleasures that genuinely bring joy to your heart. 

5) Lovemaking

The smell of vanilla is known to arouse desire and sensuality within the mind.

Therefore, being communicated with through a vanilla scent could mean that you should address your desires and partake in a good evening of lovemaking with your loved one. 

This would be great especially if you’ve been on and off with your partner lately and the relationship seems to be on the rocks.

Some communication and a decent lovemaking session can go a long way in closing the distance and rekindling the spark in your relationship

6) Peace And Tranquility

If work, financial issues, family problems, or breakups have been giving you stress for a very long period of time, smelling vanilla may hint at the coming of peace and serenity in your life

For a while, all sorts of problems will drift away from your life and you’ll receive a much-needed mental break.

Although you’ll have the time and comfort to do anything and everything, to make the most out of this blessed time, you should ideally work on forming a better relationship with God and mastering spirituality for when challenges arise again.

7) Visit From A Dead Loved One!

Although you may not be able to see them, your deceased loved ones can actually visit you if they lived a life righteous enough to seek this special favor from God.

Oftentimes, their visit can leave a subtle but meaningful scent behind that you’re able to pick up on instantly.

If you always associated their presence with the smell of vanilla, a trail of vanilla scent will likely be left behind after their visit.

It may be to give you comfort that they are in a better place now or just remind you that they still care and will always care for you no matter how far the distance.

Before you leave, also read the meaning of smelling citrus out of nowhere.

Is Smelling Vanilla Out Of Nowhere A Positive Spiritual Sign?

spiritual smells


Vanilla is greatly cherished both for the taste as well as the color, so it’s no surprise that it would be considered a positive sign.

It symbolizes peace, purity, healing, and, most importantly, divinity.

For many people, smelling vanilla can serve as a simple reminder that God is there to help out in times of need while for others it may be a sign that they should embrace nobility and use it to put out good energy into this world

All in all, smelling vanilla is nothing to be concerned about and instead, you should celebrate and feel good about this spiritual sign!

Final words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: if you smell vanilla out of the blue and no one else around you detects it, it’s likely that the spiritual world is trying to communicate with you

Although bad smells like that of something dying or rotting are spiritually concerning, vanilla is generally on the better end of the spectrum. 

It signifies forthcoming spiritual strength, reconnection with God, positive changes in your personality, visits from angels, or healing of broken relationships.

Consider yourself extremely lucky if the spiritual world communicates with you via a vanilla scent as it’s almost always a sign of something good coming into your life!

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