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Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Pickles: Is It a Ghost?

Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Pickles: Is It a Ghost?

Isn’t it frustrating when you can smell food, but you can’t see it, eat it, or even figure out where it’s coming from?

It’s even worse when it’s your favorite food. Or is it worse when you don’t like the food? I can’t work it out, but I do know that there are several potential spiritual meanings for smelling pickles

Do you want to know about them? 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Pickles?

fresh pickles

It could be the case that smelling pickles is a sign from the universe that you will not get the thing you want.

That thing is usually money, but it can extend to promotions, travel, and many other situations or scenarios. 

You can smell the thing you want, but you can’t see it, touch it, eat it, cook with it, or do anything else with it. You can’t even get rid of the smell.

It’s frustrating, but it could be a sign that you need to change path, move your goal posts, or aim for a different dream.

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Does Smelling Pickles Mean a Ghost is Near?

pickles on wood bowl

If the scent of pickles reminds you of someone who has passed over from this life into the next, yes, it’s likely that the pickle smell is a little ‘hello‘ from that person.

Alternatively, if the person it reminds you of is still alive, it might be a sign that they are thinking about you. (That’s nice!)

On the other hand, the scent of pickles to someone who doesn’t like the food (like me) is probably going to have a deeper meaning that is unpleasant for you. The interpretation really does depend on your own personal opinion of pickles.

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Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Pickles: 5 Messages from the Universe

jark pickles and fork

Whether you like them, loathe them, or are indifferent to them, there’s a probably meaning behind the scent that is warning you, guiding you, or communicating with you for another reason. 

Here are the most common ties to pickles, what they might mean for you, and what you can/should do about it. 

1) Private Matters Going Public

Just like the scent of pickles wafts in the air, your private matters will waft in public.

Someone might betray your trust, find your phone, or have an alternative method of getting hold of information that you wouldn’t want to get out. 

This could mean any of the following situations and more:

  • Friend gossiping about you;
  • Doctor talking about your medical history to a non-medical professional;
  • Old boyfriend talking to new boyfriend;
  • Love rival sharing news of your relationship;
  • Leaked photos or videos.

Sometimes in life people are going to hurt and betray you by sharing information that you don’t want shared.

It’s not nice, but not everyone is as loyal and secretive (in a good way) as you. Some people can’t keep a secret. I’m one of them. 

Choose your friends wisely. Share your news cautiously. That’s my advice. 

2) Making the Wrong Choice

  • Is there a big decision coming up in your life?
  • Do you want this new job?
  • Would you like to live in this new house?
  • What are your thoughts about embarking on a brand new relationship?

So many questions, so little time to sit and work through them. The problem is, though, there’s no way you can get away from them. 

Decisions need to be made in life. There’s no getting around that. 

The scent of pickles is likely to tell you that you’re making the WRONG decision if you don’t like the food and/or can’t stand the way they taste.

On the flip side, if you DO like pickles and eat them on a regular basis, the overall meaning of the spiritual smell is probably positive: you’re on the right track, making the right decisions. 

3) Something Good is Coming

Let’s stick with the idea of liking/loving pickles for a moment.

Smelling something that you have pleasant thoughts about is probably, overall, going to have a positive, uplifting message attached.

Good things are coming your way, and life is going to be pleasant rather than tricky and difficult. 

If you smell pickles (and like them) around the time you start something new, such as a relationship, friendship, job, or anything else, you should take the scent-message as a yes to any questions you’ve asked

4) Divine Friends

The smell of something that isn’t actually around is very often linked to the divine realm.

Perhaps your angels are hanging around, or the universe is listening, or your guardians are reaching out to share a hello and some love. 

Use this time to your advantage – and the connection that comes with it.

A sign from the divine is a sign that your spiritual connection is peak and optimal. If you can sense, smell, or see them, they are close and listening to you.

Ask for what you want, seek answers to the questions you have, and take comfort from the fact that someone, someone has your back. 

5) Dispute Pending

In some situations, the scent of pickles without any pickles actually being around is a sign from the universe that you have a situation coming… and it’s not going to be a pretty one.

Dispute is on the cards, and how you deal with it will determine how long your friendship/relationship/connection lasts for. 

There’s a high chance that this dispute or argument will center around jealousy or one-upmanship. One of you is likely to be jealous of the other; although, it might not be obvious which one it is or what the jealousy is over. 

You should proceed with caution when this arises. Stand your ground but be cool-minded about it. A rational mind and demeanor are what will get you through. 

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The humble pickle smell can link to both good and bad things, depending on your personal thoughts and opinions on them.

As a pickle hater, the scent of them would invoke feelings of disgust, displeasure, and discomfort for me. Because of that, I would closely associate them with things I don’t like or enjoy. 

I hope this information helps you to find the spiritual meaning of smelling pickles, but always ensure that you insert your life, opinions, and feelings into the mix.

You have all the tools you need to decipher this meaning. It might just take some time and patience.

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