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Spiritual Meaning Of Smelling Strawberries: 7 Signs 

Spiritual Meaning Of Smelling Strawberries: 7 Signs 

Has an odd strawberry smell been lingering around you lately?

Well, believe it or not, celestial beings like angels might be present in your surroundings! 

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about unexplainable strawberry scents and why you should feel lucky to pick up on them. 

Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

What Do Strawberries Represent Spiritually?


Strawberries spiritually represent gentleness, internal joy, and purity that’s deep rooted inside the heart. It is a fruit that is often associated with calmness and compassion. 

What you’ll be surprised to know is that strawberries are also popular in the love and seduction department! They’re believed to add great depth to physical intimacy and promote healthy sexual expression in couples.

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What Does The Smell Of Strawberries Symbolize?

Woman smelling Strawberries

So, the smell of strawberries actually symbolizes feelings of love and emotional attachment

It means you’re starting to fall in love with someone and things have gotten to a point where you feel safe and secure only in that person’s company.

Your heart longs for them all day and their thoughts may cloud your mind like nothing else. 

In certain heated environments and social interactions, the smell of strawberries can also signify the universe’s demand to keep actions subtle and deal matters in gentler ways.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Smelling Strawberries: 7 Signs

Spiritual Meaning Of Smelling Strawberries

1) Communicate With God Without Hesitation

Spiritual interpreters believe that strawberries symbolize the mercy and kindheartedness of God

If you feel you’ve done something sinful in life and can’t seem to gather the courage to face God with the lingering guilt in the back of your heart, smelling strawberries can be a sign that you should, as He likely won’t think twice before forgiving you.

Whatever you may have done, DO NOT ever deprive yourself of His mercy!

2) Adopt Kindness

If you’ve always been the bitter guy that just pisses people off and has a constant frown on his forehead, the scent of strawberries for you could mean that you integrate kindness into your personality. 

Yes, this means you’ll need to start using softer speech and being open to giving people second chances

Not only will kindness allow you to foster better relationships in life but it will also attract more positive energy your way, in turn, making you feel alive and much happier inside.

3) Positivity In Your Surroundings

Sometimes, the smell of strawberries just means there’s immense positivity in your surroundings.

This is common if you’re in a place that brings back good memories or surrounded by people who bring out your inner child and emit great comfort.

This is the type of environment you should aim to spend most of your time in and build stronger relationships with people who collectively breathe positivity into it!

4) Reconnect With Nature

If you spend most of your time dealing with worldly obligations and non-spiritual matters, it’s no surprise that your connection with Mother Nature will be almost non-existent

Unexplainable smell of fruits such as strawberries is believed to be an invitation from nature to join hands and let it take your spiritual journey up a notch. 

Building that connection will not only give you the opportunity to find your true self but it can also help calm your tensed-up mind from all the pressure it may have accumulated over the years.

5) Childhood Memories and Nostalgia

Strawberries are a fruit almost all of us associate with childhood somewhere in the back of our heads. They revive memories of times when all was going well and the world seemed much less cruel. 

If you smell strawberries while going about your life like usual, it could be the universe nudging you to look back on your childhood days and freshen up old memories.

Think about your childhood friends, first crush in grade one, silly pranks you used to do, and even the little mistakes you made here and there. It will all make you feel better!

6) Pregnancy

If you smell strawberries while in a relationship and trying for a baby, it could be a sign that your prayers have been answered and pregnancy is to occur very soon! 

Though this is a rare omen, you should feel lucky that you’re being notified through it!

Many also believe that the sweet smell of strawberries hints at healthy childbirth and a safe delivery process.

7) True Purity and Piety

As I mentioned earlier, strawberries are known to symbolize deep-rooted purity and innocence

Their lingering smell around you might suggest that you should maintain the best of intentions in life and not let evil and lewdness poison your heart. 

Though there may be temptations surrounding you at times, the smell of strawberries reminds you that there’s a higher authority that has instructed you to remain virtuous and chaste in this world. 

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Is Smelling Strawberries A Good Sign?

About this spiritual sign

If you can’t already tell, YES, smelling strawberries is a great sign! 

In most cases, the universe uses the sweet smell to notify you about incoming blessings in your life, likely in the form of love and new relationships. 

Strawberry scents can also help intensify sexual experiences and allow for deeper carnal passion and love-making in bed. 

All of this leaves me with no reason to even question if strawberry scents are bad in any context; they definitely aren’t!

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must understand by now: smelling strawberries DOES NOT always mean that a female wearing a strawberry scent passed by. Oftentimes, there just isn’t anyone around…

In that case, if you pick up on a strawberry scent, consider yourself extremely lucky as you might be about to witness some major positive events unfolding in your life! 

The scent could bring good luck, better opportunities, new relationships, happiness, and even angelic protection your way!


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