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7 Spiritual Meanings of Sweet Smell: Is There An Angel?

7 Spiritual Meanings of Sweet Smell: Is There An Angel?

We all love a sweet smell. We even buy scents to make the air smell fragrant and sweet. But what if there is a sweet smell for no clear reason? Could this be a sign from the heavens?

I never thought of it that way before. But one time I kept smelling something sweet in my room even when I could not determine its source. A few days later my brother fell ill.

A couple of days ago, something similar happened to my friend. She kept smelling a sweet aroma but didn’t know where it was coming from.

And then a few days after, she had a nice trip to a quiet beach, which she said made her feel grateful for the gifts from the heavens.

And then it hit me, there are spiritual reasons why you can smell something sweet and this became the inspiration of my post. 

What Does Sweet Smell Represent Spiritually?

Spiritual smell outside

The sweet smell spiritually represents the blessings we receive from the supreme being. Consider that we receive multiple blessings in our lifetime.

Our life itself is one big gift that we owe to the heavens.

When there is a sweet smell, then we should think of the good things we have been given in our lives.

There will be a long list of gifts that we have received in our lifetime. Every day too we receive a blessing from the heavens.

Sadly, we forget how generous the heavens above have been to us. Often, we think of the things we want but still do not have.

A sweet smell should remind us of the many blessings we receive and how we should be grateful every single day for each of them.

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Superstitions About Sweet Smell

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There are different superstitions when it comes to sweet smells.

In some places, it is believed that the sweet smell is a sign that there will be a big reunion.

This reunion will have different people whom you have not seen or spent time with and you will have a great time.

Some cultures believe that the sweet smell is a sign that a dead loved one is visiting you. This person has long been gone from the earth but misses you so he or she is visiting you and telling you about it via the sweet aroma.

Many people also believe that the sweet smell is a reminder to spend more time in prayer. This is because the ones above are disappointed with you for not praying hard enough. 

Other groups think that the sweet smell is a sign of a good harvest for the year. This is said to be a good omen for the farmers.

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7 Spiritual Reasons for Sweet Smell

7 Spiritual Reasons for Sweet Smell

1) Forgive

When there is a then this could be the universe’s way of telling you that you need to forgive someone.

It does not matter if the person you feel hatred for has asked for your forgiveness or not.

What is important is that you forgive on your end. You may not even need to let the other person know that you have forgiven him or her.

You simply need to forgive those who need forgiveness as the heavens are prodding you to do.

2) Happy reunion

Sweet aromas are also heaven’s way of telling you that you will have a reunion soon with the people you love. And this will be a happy reunion.

Brace yourself to see and spend time with people you may have spent a lot of time with but have transferred far away.

The reunion is something you will look forward to and make you feel happy for a long time.

3) Surprise visitor

Someone will likely show up in your house unexpectedly shortly after you smell the sweet aroma.

This could be heaven’s way of telling you that someone is coming to visit you unannounced.

The visitor may be someone whom you miss and you would be happy to entertain and spend time with this person.

It is also possible that the surprise visitor is someone you would rather avoid but you have no choice but to talk and entertain this person.

4) Season of change

The sweet smell could be a sign from the heavens that you will soon be entering a season of change.

Brace yourself because the changes will cover most areas of your life.

You may soon be dealing with changes at work or home, then will be followed by changes in your personal or romantic life. The changes will come one after another and may overwhelm you. 

But do not worry because the ones above have your back.

This means that while the changes may be overwhelming you can handle them all gracefully and with flying colors as long as you keep the faith in the ones above.

5) Good food

The sweet smell could be a sign from the ones above that you will experience an abundance of good food.

Your refrigerator will soon be full of delectable delights and your kitchen will be filled with the sweet smell of good food.

This smell is a good sign from the heavens of a great blessing. At the same time, this is a reminder that you must take care of the blessings coming your way

You may want to keep in mind that there are plenty of people around the world without food but the heavens will send plenty of good food for you in the next few days. Make sure to be a good steward of this blessing.

6) Bad health 

You may want to be careful when you smell the sweet aroma.

Sometimes, this could be a sign from the heavens that you or someone in your family will be having some health issues.

When you can smell the sweet smell for no reason constantly, then ask yourself whether there are unusual things you are feeling in your body.

  • Are there some areas or organs in your body that seem to be unusually painful?
  • Are there other potential health scares you can think of?

You may also want to ask your loved one for any possible health problems.

7) Reconnecting with nature

If you can smell something sweet then this could be a sign that you will soon be reconnecting with nature.

This scent can also be a reminder from the heavens that you need to reconnect with nature.

Perhaps you will be taking a trip to the outdoors soon like a quick getaway to the beach or a camping trip. You may also consider planning a trip outdoors to heed heaven’s reminder to reconnect with nature. 

Perhaps the one above wants to remind you of the greatness of the world that the creator has made.

Is There An Angel Nearby?

woman drinking tea happy

The sweet smell you are experiencing could be because there is an angel nearby.

This angel could have been sent specially by the ones above to watch over you or this could be your guardian angel working double hard to watch over you.

Do not fear the presence of an angel because this is a good sign of our protection.

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A sweet smell can be quite distracting and even addicting.

There is usually a good reason or source for this smell, but when there isn’t then consider that the heavens are trying to tell you something important. 

Don’t let the sweet smell completely distract you from the message but instead think deeply of what the heavens are trying to tell you.

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